How to Create Sites Optimized for Google’s Panda Algorithm

While building a website from a new start or redesigning the most important matter is to find the compatibility of the site according to the SEO (search engine optimization) .We, all know and widely recognize Google as the king of Search Engines by gathering highest. The aim of Google is simple to avail best quality search results to the users with relevant information with appropriate accuracy in quick time.

In order to serve this purpose effectively Google introduced an update to their search engine algorithm in 2011 named Google Panda. It was considered as a part of continual approach to achieve goals.

Soon after the launch of Google Panda update, the Google ranking affected with 12% which was more than any other update made before. From then, Google has placed various updates to Panda which drastically changing the rankings of numerous websites. All sites running with high quality discovered that their ranking grown up and all the low quality websites were out of the top ranking. With this big change, the major question that churns everyone’s mind is the way to make the website in a high quality in the eyes of Google Panda for better ranking.

In this post, we will be providing you few tips by which you can make your site completely optimized for Google Panda.

Design Patterns Availing Great Experience to the User

To perform the work in simple manner Googlebot has started taking the view of the sites carefully like human beings. Due to this, the design of a website largely decides the ranking on the search engines.


The Panda update is having a closer look at various things to ensure the user-friendliness of the web page. To sum up some of the metrics that help in increasing the user friendliness and engagement of the web page are mentioned below:

  • Time spent on the site
  • Bounce rate of the Site
  • Counts of web pages on every visit
  • Response time of the page and conversion ratio

All of these grounds are good enough to tell about the capability of the website for engaging visitors. It is true that a properly designed websites scores more in front of people and please people effectively. Therefore, the idea is to create a website design which is comprehensible in a sense to provide great experience to the user’s experience that holds the users. Speed is also another important factor that enhances the user’s experience and increases the usability of the site; it is something that can surely do wonders for the optimization of the site.

Good Grammar and Correct Spellings

It is obvious to avoid few mistakes but there are endless websites who suffer with poor quality of grammar and spelling mistakes. Google also evaluates content of the sites for spelling and grammar check. According to the Matt Cutts, the specialist of SEO, sites with good spelling have good chance to top the ranking and vice a versa.

Quality of the Content

Google is fond of good content which often neglected by the site owners. One is required to be dedicated in developing great quality content for improved ranking. We should try to produce great content that visitors would want to read again and again, share, and recommend to others. The creation of the content holds a major importance which is needed to be considered in the management duties of the website.

Many Advertisements Can be Dangerous

We should always remember that people are going to catch over the every detail of the site so it is highly important to notice the quantity of advertisement on your site. Too many ads can provide wrong information to the Google for its ranking.


Cautiously Catch Over Duplicate Content

Avoid using same content on the pages of your site. Every web page is needed to have different and unique content of its own in quality. The Meta description every page is also needed to be different

Less Can Work As More

Having low quality pages in large quantity is hardly beneficial as compared to the lesser number of pages of good quality.

Quality of the Code Should Be High

The next important thing is to run a website with good quality codes. A good mark up tells that the quality of the website is also great. For making things simpler one can make use of W3C Markup Validation Service to ensure the standards of the codes.

Quality of the Code Should Be High


It is true that World Wide Web is going to kept on evolving and have become human-oriented. It is unavoidable to make mistakes but for improving the optimization of the website according to the Google Panda Algorithm. The algorithm provided by the search engines will let you make your users happy and satisfied.

Rinniee Ginsburg

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