Windows 8 computer Name: How to Change Windows 8 computer Name?

In this post I will tell you the way to change the Computer Name. To teach you the way; I had taken the example of Windows 8 but I had provided the guidelines for other Windows versions too. Moreover; I had also integrated the snapshots of the process to make it easy for you to change the name of your PC.

Recently updated your desktop/laptop with Windows 8 and don’t know how to change the name of your system? Don’t worry pal! In this post I am going to tell you the steps to change the name of the system in windows 8.

You may need to change the name of your computer for different reasons that could be for the identification of Wi-Fi network or you may have brought a second hand device and you want to give it a personal touch. Whatever the reason may be but changing the PC name in Windows 8 is quite simple.

Just follow the steps described below and you will be done with your task in just a few minutes. To provide a better guideline to change the name; I had integrated the snapshots of the steps with the instructions.

Step One

Go to the Desktop of your computer screen and open the Charm Bar of your Window 8 Platform. You can open the charm bar by simply floating the mouse pointer to the rightmost side of your desktop. For touchscreen display you will be required to simply swipe the rightmost portion of your screen. The Screen shot of the step is shown below.

Step Two

Click on the Setting window provided at the bottom most part of the options provided in the Charms Bar.


Step Three

Go to the PC info option listed in the setting option. After clicking on the PC info option a new System Setting window will open. For other versions of Window; you can follow the below given path

Control Panel –> System & Security –> System


Step Four

Click on the Change setting option provided along the line with System Name. This will again open a new window named ‘System Properties‘.


Step Five

Click on the ‘Change‘ option provided in the window and a new window with name ‘Computer Name/ Domain Changes‘ will open.


Step Six

Now change the name of your computer and then click on the OK button to confirm the changes.


Hope you had successfully changed the name of your PC. Wasn’t that easy? If you are encountering any issue; please feel free to share that with us in the comment section below. Keep tracking Webgranth for more cool tips and trick of computer technology.


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