How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2016?

Web developers play a very significant role these days and because of them, we are using the internet so efficiently. They build the web pages and various applications that comprise the internet. Basically, web development includes creating graphics, visuals, proper planning of the layout of the website, coding, testing and finally optimizing the site for better performance. 

A successful developer knows all the tactics of programming languages which are being used for the World Wide Web. They must possess a good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS which are the major languages used for website development. Apart from this, knowing a server-side programming language such as PHP, Microsoft .Net Visual Basic, or Java for developing more complex applications is a plus for any developer expecting to grow higher in this profile. Moreover, developers can distinguish themselves and enhance their potential by training and certifying in any primary database system including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM and Oracle to write web apps that flawlessly network with business data.

Web developers must be very calm and possess excellent communication skills as they need to deal with the team members and the clients very frequently. The projects they work on need revisions from time to time and enhancements accordingly. Therefore, interactions with these people are very important for them on regular basis. If you have a good understanding of color theory and creativity is your passion, you will certainly achieve heights of success in a short span. There is always an opening for web developers in each sphere including government agencies, enterprises, freelance work or any small or large scale business. Here are four ways through which you can put your career on the fast track in the coming year:

Being Proactive

Until or unless you love your job as much as you should, you wouldn’t care for fulfilling the deadlines. Some people are like that only, their projects would take longer than expected and they are not able to deliver them on time. This reflects badly on them, therefore planning and proactively highlighting the problems that you will face in future is a good way to keep everyone involved and informed. It’s not a problem even if it takes more than usual but at least you have to have the courtesy to inform the boss regarding this. If you are facing common issues like some bug or similar, then also it is not okay to keep it to yourself, the best thing in such a situation would be to call out your immediate boss or manager, or team members and inform them about the ground situation. If you do this as a routine then every team member will think better of you and appreciate your efforts in keeping them in the loop with the latest developments. It won’t take much time and with the right set of tools, it should take even less time.

The benefit of doing this is immense as your colleagues will appreciate you and also will have the time to think about a second plan for completing the job. Being more proactive not only is more professional, it also boosts your credibility and helps in building trust. If you have memory problems than setting a daily or weekly reminder will help you never forget to give a project progress update.

Learn the Essential Skills

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With each passing day, the demand for developers is growing. However, their responsibilities and roles are also taking a different shape. The skill set is too high and recruiters are looking for a candidate who is well-versed and have an excellent command over the core web development scripting languages which include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The candidate should not only be trained in a particular field but must know other server-side programming languages including Java, PHP and .Net. In addition to that, the new age web developer should also be trained perfectly to use search engine optimization so as to create sites that rank high on all the popular search engines.

Additional Knowledge Never Harms

Apart from the essential skills, you should also have additional knowledge which is the need of the hour. Although this knowledge might not be your core job but it will prove a great help in the pursuit of a successful career. If you have great knowledge of testing, you can test all the web pages and apps in different browsers to ensure they run smoothly without any error. A smart web developer knows all the techniques of development that enable sites to interact with all the renowned database systems including MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle. He or she is skilled enough to plan the layout using the wireframes and also the navigation and functionality of other new projects.

Good Communication

A good communicator who can handle the clients as well the co-workers if there is any issue with troubleshooting of websites and also to optimize the performance of the website makes for a prized asset for any organization. Communication is the single most important skill after your technical know-how that will make or break your career success. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to it from the earliest.


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