How Professionals Can Optimise Your Website Beyond Web Design

When you choose a reputable web design company, you’ll find that they’ll be able to go above and beyond web design, providing other services such as integration of relevant keywords, development of contact forms that can improve conversion rates, testing of numerous designs, creation of beneficial links, various types of statistics, and more. This article details some of the additional areas of web design a professional can assist with.

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Creating Localised Web Pages

When a web design company offers cutting-edge services, the experts may create localised web pages that are targeted to certain local suburbs. These pages contain localised keyword phrases and are written to appeal to local residents. Various reports have suggested that localised web pages can increase a site’s conversion rate by more than 55 percent.

By studying numerous types of analytics, you can determine the geographical region of your customers. Moreover, page statistics can indicate the conversion rate that each localised web page is generating.

Selecting Keywords

In addition to implementing good web design elements, a professional will be able to select relevant keywords and incorporate them into each page’s meta tags, meta descriptions and headlines in order to boost SEO performance. A web design company is able to determine the number of users who search for specific keyword phrases. Using effective tools, they can evaluate trends that can affect how your website performs.

Developing Links to Improve Rankings

Many companies offering web design in Melbourne can also assist with the development of internal links that can greatly increase a site’s rankings in search results. If a website features a significant number of internal links, these links can boost the average number of pages each visitor clicks on, reduce a site’s bounce rate, and increase the amount of customers who engage with the website. Web design professionals can create numerous internal links that feature relevant anchor texts, using special tools to specify the number of links that each web page should contain to increase rankings.

Creating Landing Pages

A web design company can also assist with the creation of landing pages that can feature reviews, images of products, a list of services available, and more. These landing pages also often contain an enticing call-to-action that’s designed to get visitors to take action.

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

Experienced professionals offering web design in Melbourne can ensure your website is mobile-friendly for visitors browsing on smartphones. A mobile-friendly responsive website means contact forms, images and other design elements are all automatically resized and properly displayed on different mobile devices and screen sizes. Another fantastic feature of mobile-friendly websites is clickable phone numbers, which can help to improve a website’s conversion rate by 35 percent.

Examining Statistics

Once a web design team has created a website you’re happy with, they can install tools that can track the traffic your site receives. These analytic tools can also show you how many guests click specific links, the percentage of customers who regularly visit your site, the search results that are providing you with the most traffic, and the number of guests who are using mobile devices.


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