How Much Will It Cost To Build A Magento E-Commerce Store

Magento has many reasons to be the first and sometimes only choice for enterprises when it comes to setting up an eCommerce website. By far Magento has served in over 240,000 worldwide eCommerce solutions, with its feature-rich and impeccable customization qualities.

Magento has built-in qualities and features that unleash the power of customization features to enterprise owners that attend their enterprise-specific needs. It is a modular and customizable open-source platform that is primarily built for developing eCommerce websites.

Why Magento is first choice for eCommerce websites?

Reason #1: Built for eCommerce

Magento, when compared to other platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, etc., has amazing eCommerce features that help an eCommerce store to function better. The eCommerce industry has many platforms but Magento comes out as the best of all. It comes with features such as CMS, User Dashboard, inventory management, supplier management, modest shipping and much more. It also allows enterprise owners to bundle up their products, it has capabilities such as cross-sells and up-sells built-in system and Newsletters.

Reason #2: Simple Integration

One important thing about eCommerce is that it needs apps and plugins to render the extra functionality to the site, the 3rd party integrations allow users to access and customize the eCommerce site according to their preferences and enhance a user’s buying experience. Magento comes with advantages of easily integrating with ready-made apps as well as plugins from other programmers. It has built-in qualities and API’s that enable you connecting to apps that provide you business analytics, shipping, tracking, payments, etc.

Reason #3: Modular and Customizable

Magento is the best when it comes to customizing the eCommerce website according to business needs, which helps it circumscribe various industries and their needs. No two industries are a mirror image with respect to their needs, thus, Magento gives users the freedom to customize the websites aligned to their industry-specific needs. It is built to give out eCommerce Solutions that make it highly customizable and modular.

Reason #4: SEO friendly

It comes with built-in SEO qualities that allow your website to be sited in the search engines space. It allows you to configure descriptions and metadata for your categories and products in your eCommerce Magento website. You can add sitemaps for the search engines for Google and leverage freedom to control your URLs, etc.

Reason #5: Flexibility to opt for hosting service

It gives you the freedom to select the host for hosting your e-commerce websites, which means that you can leverage cloud benefits as per your choice and preferences. Thus, it allows you to choose flexible eCommerce solutions to meet your enterprise needs.

Switching your hosting services is also made very easy by Magento Development Company that provides you cloud migration services. ‘Magento GO’ allows users to enjoy the benefits of Magneto Community edition platform after switching the host.

Reason#6: Efficiency

It speeds up your websites and helps you get websites with minimum load time. It enables your websites to collect data seamlessly, faster and gathers data in lesser time. It allows caching data and provides you tools to succeed in eCommerce industry.

Reason#7: Open source

It has three versions – Magento Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Magento Go. The Magento Community edition is the most popular amongst developers and is free, Enterprise which is paid and third Magento GO which is paid too and hosted on Magento servers.Magento has a large community support that actively provides its support to their own developers and user community. There are many extensions available that can be installed and paired with the websites allowing abundant customization. Given it is an open-source platform, it gets updated and is made more reliable and secure.

Reason #8: Mobile friendly

With m-Commerce gaining immense popularity and the world of mobile nowhere near doom, it is important for eCommerce industry to conjointly work in force with Magento development companies to allow them to access their websites on an accessible platform such mobiles and tablets.

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Magento has inbuilt Mobile -friendly technology that allows you to promote your products in the mobile space. It also lets users access audio-visuals, drag and drop feature, sizing and resizing of images on mobiles and tablets and websites.

Reason #9: Different websites with a common backend

Magento helps you manage your multiple online storefronts by allowing you to manage and differentiate your products onto independent websites. Thus, this makes it possible for you to create multiple online storefronts running on the single backend system. Also, you can customize themes, look and feel of each website.

Reason #10: Tracking and analytical

Magento has its own tracking and analytical tool dubbed as Magento’s BI. This fully customizable tool allows you to grow as a brand by providing you end to end information on your traffic, sales, competition and much more.

How Much Will Magento Website Cost Me?

Now coming back to our topic, the cost of developing a Magento website- it is one of the most asked questions and to answer it, depends on various factors. There are number of factors that determine the cost of the website you build on Magento Development Platform one of which is the size of your business. Highly inclined to your business needs, firstly you have to choose between the three variants of the available platforms that are – Basic, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Let’s see the cost and features of building websites on each Magento available Version

Basic Magento Version

Cost of Website Development: $20,000- $40,000

Commonly used for developing standardized Magento Websites and perfect for small and individual business storefront setup. It provides a quick and good start for the beginning or for a small run, it also has basic features such as Basic Magento Functionality, Basic Magento themes, Access to Magento Community, and CMS. But, it lacks Back office integration.

Community Edition

Cost of Website Development: $40,000 – $100,000

For the business with good business hold or for an established retail business it is a good option, it allows you to integrate your business with back office system and gives your website personalized designs. Also, it gives you ease of cloud migration while upgrading you or migrating you from other business platforms. It also, lets you create attributes for products and customer groups that help you track your business functioning better. Also, you can add more functionality to the site by adding extensions.

Enterprise Edition

Cost of Website Development: $100,000+

Exclusively for business for advanced needs, large business helps themselves with Advance Magento Features available on this version. It helps you by dividing your sales load, it comes with advanced management system that sees everything from orders to shipping. It allows you to manage multiple store-fronts, customer support, full page caching, etc. It makes you reachable with its mobile-friendly qualities, also you can keep track on your store stocks with its large SKU’s. It helps you merchandise your brand with custom coupon generation, customer segmentation, promotions and merchandising. Also, you can market your brand on social media with Social Media Integration.

Magento Developers Hourly Rates

Of course, it depends upon the experience level of a developer and the kind of the development needs you have, but it varies on an average somewhere between $65 to $150 per hour.

The changing agents of the pricing

Some of the factors that change the cost of development or influence it is the version of Magento you work upon, the cost of a server, number of extensions you have rendered, a theme of your website, development cost surging, etc.

Maintenance Cost of a Magento Website

eCommerce websites and online storefronts are in continuous need of updates, touch-ups, and designs. Much more you are ought to add these overhead yet important expenses while strategies your pricing for Magento Development. Thus, maintenance of your websites might cost you somewhere in between $125.


The above discussion highlights various aspects of Magento Development and the kind of eCommerce Solutions it renders to an enterprise irrespective of the size. If you are someone looking forward to making your first step into the eCommerce industry the above discussion will help you unfold the important features of Magento and the cost of your development. Also, Magento development Companies can cost you more or less depending on your needs, whereas offshore development of website development or advance eCommerce solutions are far lesser.

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