How Images Influence Content Quality

Human beings are innately visual. We respond better to any form of content that incorporates an interesting or attention-grabbing visual aspect. This is, why most forms of marketing, both traditional and digital, place the highest importance on visual elements.

BuzzSumo recently conducted a study of over one million articles on the Internet, and they found that articles with images placed within the copy in intervals of at least 100 words or less encourage higher social engagement and get double the amount of shares compared to articles with less. This goes to show how much attention articles with compelling images get from readers around the web.

This phenomenon is backed up by experts in multiple fields. According to Neuroanatomist R.S. Fixot, our vision accounts for two-thirds of the electrical activity of the brain. Also, a 2014 study conducted by MIT Neuroscientists revealed that the human brain can interpret images in just 13 milliseconds. And with our collective attention span decreasing more and more each year, this discovery further cements the idea that readers would rather consume visual content (because it is much faster to process) than other types of content.

But, ever wondered how images actually influence the content you upload to a website? Here are a few ways how:

How Images Influence Content Quality

1. They Increase the Article’s Page Views

According to marketing guru Jeff Bullas, content with images get 94% more total views than those that do not. This is probably due to the fact that, when done strategically, adding photos within an article can make it easier to read. And when people are presented with information that are easy to digest, they are more likely to read through the entire article.

2. They Allow You to Convey Ideas That Cannot be Expressed Through Words

While content creators and copywriters do their best to make their copy as engaging and comprehensive as possible, there are some concepts that cannot be expressed and understood through words alone. Some require that visual element to effectively convey an idea or concept and promote a stronger impact.

3. They Help Establish Your Brand Image to the Audience

establish your brand image

The visuals you choose for your client’s site also play a big role in establishing their brand image. This is why, investing in a photographer who will create high-quality photos for your business is important for the success of the site. Although convenient, do not settle for generic stock photos that you’ll often see on the web. Doing so will just weaken the contents of the site and possibly decrease your brand credibility, no matter how excellent these photos may be.

4. They Help Inform

This fact is more evident with how people respond to infographics. Remember that people have different learning styles. There are auditory learners who process information better through hearing, while there are kinesthetic learners who learn through movement. And lastly, there are visual learners who learn through seeing. It is this third group who benefits the most from visual representations of data. But almost everyone, regardless of learning style, will benefit from highly visual educational mediums and tools.

5. They help you connect with your audience

Connect with your audience

Compelling, high-quality images can help a blog owner or business connect with their target audience by making the content of their website more effective. For instance, there are images that allow one’s target audience to empathize or relate with the subject so they can be fully engaged in the text they are reading. This results to a meaningful and lasting type of engagement which can later lead to conversion.

Needless to say, images are essential in completing the message that you want to deliver in your content—one cannot work without the other. Therefore, the next time you create that blog post, article, or whatever type of online content you plan to create, always carefully consider what images you’d like to include and consider how it will fit with your textual content, brand image, and overall site design.

This way, you create something that is not only informative and useful, but also embodies your brand philosophy, improves the aesthetic appeal of your content, and promotes increased engagement with your audience.


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