How Design Plays a Key Role in Wearable Technology

From what is coming of the grapevine, wearable tech is on a struggle for survival. The reasons are many, and most of them have to do with the designing culture of wearable tech that is largely not compatible with the human body dynamics.


For instance, flexible OLEDs have not taken up space in the world widely, so that the capacity for touch screens on curvy designs remains limited for most wearable tech. While at the same time, coating materials that are used to make surfaces conductive are not bendable enough to encompass the curvature required for our bodies. This means that both fashion and utility take a hit no matter how many new gadgets appear along with this design principle.

In the meanwhile, industry leaders are working hard on materials such Carbon NanoBud that are a kind of carbon nanotubes utilised in manufacturing flexible conductive films. Carbon Nanobuds hold hope for wearable technology due to their long duration foldable nature. Besides, CNBs promise to overcome the issue of zero haze and zero reflectance that wearables suffer from in daylight. The gadget guru around the world has realized that the complexity involved with human and tech interaction is not practical and may not be functional at all during practical use.

This hour of hopelessness called upon Hyderabad based Ducere-Technology to deliver the latest in wearable technology, a revolution that was in the offing. Lechal is the latest wearable GPS based navigation system on offer. Unlike most display based wearable techs, Lechal is a revolution in that it keeps your eyes, head and hands free of technology. Offered as a pair of pods inside a pair of insoles, Lechal simply goes into any pair of closed shoes you want it to. Once inside, Lechal pods connect with its app in your smart phone and vibrates in either foot to give you the directions. Simple

Fed-up of the display, daylight, eyestrain issues, the world of wearable tech sees a pleasant surprise in Lechal that hides away inside your shoes and lets you see and enjoy the world around you without having to strain your eyes into maps and screens. Not just this, Lechal has its own command and culture that includes great features such as fitness tracking and calorie count together with navigation. Unlike other wearables, Lechal has a battery back-up that can last for 15 days, and it can very well operate without any data connection and even without the phone itself. Tagging of locations is simple in Lechal and goes with the tap of the toe on the ground. Hidden inside your shoes, Lechal pods are loss free and damage proof by default.

Most importantly, Lechal is a revolution because it does not interfere with your style statement and does not show up on you anywhere and yet stays with you, for as long as you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.


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