Guest Posting Guidelines & Suggestions

Are you a talented writer and looking for an impressive stage to showcase your expertise and artwork? If yes then cheer up! We at Webgranth are now inviting every guest blogger to come and work with us. As per the requests from thousands of writers every month; we are now open for the guest posts. But before you commence writing the topic; be sure to follow the firm guidelines of Webgranth. Our expert panel reviews each and every guest post and it ensures that only the rule abiding blogs get published.

These rules are the secret behind the popularity of Webgranth in the niche and we keep shining the quality of the blogs by updating our author’s policy.

Please mark that Webgranth is a place for the reader to discover the every facet of web technology; it is NOT AT ALL a place to promote a service or brand.

Guideline for the Content

  • For the present; we are only accepting the blogs written in English language.
  • The content must be grammatically error free and original. We hate plagiarism and accept only the fresh content (which is not published elsewhere).
  • You must not adopt any Black Hat SEO technique while writing the blog for Webgranth
  • After publishing of the blog on Webgranth; you can not publish it anywhere else online.
  • Our readers expect ‘to the point information’ from our blogs so your blog must be centric to that aspect. You can of course make it interesting and interactive but the information should be the primary concern.

Post length

  • The length of the post totally depends on the topic of writing. You must include related information but you can’t write to increase the word count.
  • On an average the blog length should be 750 words (minimum) which can be altered as per the requirement.

Make your content more visible with SEO optimizing Practices

  • You must include an interesting and catchy title (max. of 65 characters) of the blog with proper keyword used.
  • For a higher rank of the blog in SERP you are also required to provide a Meta description (maximum 165 characters) that must include the primary keyword of the blog.
  • You are also advised to create a banner for your post (if possible) with an image resolution of 584 px(width) & 326 px Height.

Guideline for the Structure of the Post

  • As per the design of our website; you must provide two paragraphs of the content (100-120 words each) before integrating any image, video, table, infographics and other multimedia content.
  • Try to make short sentences which are easy to understand. You should break your content in different paragraphs to make it reader friendly.
  • Use proper Heading tags, Bold & Italic fonts to differentiate the content.
  • You should use a bulleted list to make it easy for the readers to grasp the important points.

Guideline about the Integrated Images

  • Images must be provided if possible; you can even provide the snapshot of the webpage if required for the reference of information.
  • You must mark the space within the text where the images need to be inserted.
  • All the included images must be of high quality and must possess an Equi-Width of 550px.
  • Make sure that the images are not subject to copyright; in case you must also include the URL of the source.

Guideline about the Inserted Links

  • All the links included in the post must be properly working and relevant to the information provided.
  • You can even integrate the link of the resources for some specific information and data statistics.
  • For adding hyperlink to any text you can simply link the desired text using HTML or can provide the link path in the bracket where you wish to add the link text.
  • You can not include the link of your own website or any other promotional link within the content.

Author Bio

  • Please provide an author bio along with the content. You can include a maximum of one do-follow links of your website in this section.
  • You should give a brief introduction of yourself in around 2-3 lines in the Author Bio section. Moreover you can also add the link of your Google+ profile to make it easy for the readers to follow you.
  • For more information regarding Author Bio guidelines; check out the previous guest blogs of Webgranth or click here.

About Author

Tara Hornor

Tara Hornor has a degree in English and has found her niche writing about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and desktop publishing.

Editing of the Post

  • While sending the content for publishing on Webgranth you accept the terms that we have the right to modify the content for easy legibility, grammatical errors or anything else. We will send you the revised copy of the content for approval before publishing it.
  • If a post needs major changes than we may send it back to you with suggestions for further editing or can even reject the post.
  • During the working days; an approved post may take around 3-4 days to get published (immediate post or news can be published on the same day).
  • We try our best to notify you on the same day as your blog goes live.

Share your creativity to the whole world: Join the Freebies Party

Every Month; We at Webgranth provide a scheduled collection of Monthly Calendar Wallpapers, Desktop Backgrounds, Icon Set and PSD Template for our reader. If you too have designed a splendor in any of these categories then we can include that in our monthly freebies.

Beside with providing a global face to your talent; we will also credit you by compiling the link of your website with your artwork. Make sure that you own the copyright for these artworks; you can also insert a watermark logo of your organization in these graphics.

Before sending us the sample; have a deep look at the terms for these.

Monthly Calendar Wallpapers

  • For a Calendar post of the upcoming month; the complete collection of wallpapers must be submitted before 25th of the current month.
  • Wallpaper must be provided in three different resolutions of 1024 X 640, 1280 X 800 and 1920 X 1080 pixels.
  • You are requested to provide both ‘with calendar’ and ‘without calendar wallpapers’ (Not a Must).
  • The Wallpapers must be unique, solely own by the provider and of appreciable quality.

For more information: Click Here

Monthly Collection of Desktop Background Wallpapers

  • For a Wallpaper post; the complete collection of wallpapers must be submitted before 5th of the current month.
  • Wallpaper must be provided in three different resolutions of 1024 X 640, 1280 X 800 and 1920 X 1080 pixels.
  • The Wallpapers must be unique, solely own by the provider and of appreciable quality.

For more information: Click Here

Topic Suggestions

Web Design: Latest Trends, Resources, Inspiration, Tutorials and Freebies for Web Designers.

Web Development: Coding, Technical Expertise, Tutorials, Latest technologies, Website Development Tools and Resources for Web Developers.

SEO & SMO: Tips, Latest News & Updates, Strategies and Tools for Webmasters

News: Latest happenings related to the technology of SEO (Google Updates), SMO, Web Design and Development. Please note that we don’t accept the Press Release or News for a particular Organization.

eCommerce: Blog providing information about the technologies of eCommerce and eCommerce website platforms like Magento, Zencart, Pinnacle Cart, Virtue Mart etc.

CMS: Tools, Plugins, CMS updates, Tutorials and Informative post on Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and Frog.

Blogging: Expert Blogging Tips, Tools, Writing guidelines, Tutorials for blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler and Weebly.

Mobile Application: Latest Trends, Updates of Mobile OS, Top List (must be referenced to a renowned website), Mobile application development tips, tools and resources for app developers.

Tips & Trick: Cool and useful tips and tricks for PC hardware, Software, Gadgets and Networking.

Do you think your content follow all the guidelines? If yes then we welcomes you to the Webgranth Guest Author Family. Icing the cake, after some regular brilliant post from your side; we can even assign you a guest author admin panel where you can post your blogs by your own (publishing will still be authorized by us only).

Feel free to contact us ( for any query. We wish a happy long term relationship with you.

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