Google’s Search Plus Your World – Pros And Cons

Google's social search revolution is raising questions on various fronts. Will social search really work? And do people really want personalized results to queries, to such an extent? And on the other hand, the impressed lot of critiques are giving rave reviews saying social search is finally integrating virtual life and nullifying the need to wonder the web for content that we require.

So what’s Search Plus Your World, worth? Here’s a brief discussion:

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The ‘Plus’ Points Of SPYW: The Pros

  1. Personalized search brings to your SERP a unique set of results that are customized to your requirements. The benefit is that, along with Google’s algorithmic results, you’ll find results of things shared with you in the past, by people in your circles. Of course, this would be relevant to your search query.
  2. This is one platform to get socially relevant information as well as universal content. Suppose you are interested in getting your hair styled. So your search query will include requests for hair stylists in the locality. With SPYW feature, you’ll get results from your friend’s circles as well, if someone has mentioned hair styling and their personal experience.
  3. This becomes a great platform to interact and connect with people talking about the same things that you are looking for. For instance, you are looking for a newly released book. SPYW will instantly connect you to people on Google Plus, who are talking about the very aspect that is of interest to you. This helps connect and get real-life responses from people and their experiences.
  4. Although the default setting is that a person who has signed into his account, will be shown his ‘search plus your world’ result, you still have the option to deactivate it and look only at organic results.
  5. Most important, you privacy is maintained and your search query information lies only between you and Google; protected by https:// secured search.
    In short, there’s a good deal of good things to look forward to in Google’s search Plus your world – social search.

However, There Are Negatives For ‘Plus’: The Cons

  1. Spam content is pretty prevalent on Google Plus, owing to its newness. The Google engineers still need to get the codes right to check spam content and links and keep them from, now, influencing personal search as well.
  2. Irrelevant content appearing in search is quite plausible. With Google Plus’ newness and lesser active members, the actual content which may have been shared or which may be floating in it’s networks, may be completely irrelevant to your search request.
  3. The other factor is that: using Google plus seems to be a forced action! I mean, as a user, I am partly turned off with the idea of everyone having to create a Google Plus profile simply to use any of the Google products. If Plus is s fantastic, why force us to be there?
  4. More so, once you have a Plus profile, you are going to show up in results all the time! With the Profiles and Pages updates about search on Google, picking up content from Plus, you never know – without your knowledge, you’re probably splashed on the internet. How do you control that? And even while you aren’t signed in, you’re going to be in the Google records. Pretty freaky.
  5. And most importantly, WHERE are the OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS? If you really, really intend to make a powerful ‘search plus your world’ thing and revolutionize social search, then how can you afford to slam the doors on so many relevant sites that have great shared and refereed content by real people? How can you promote Plus when so many profiles on it could actually be bots!

Even as I write this post, I am not convinced that this SPYW is such a great deal, and nor am I completely averse. As a user I have questions such as, what about people who have multiple Gmail ids? Do they have multiple G+ profiles? And what about my private searches that I don’t want people to know about? The questions still need to find answers. Until then, let’s just wish Google good luck and hope that our interests aren’t being compromised. Amen.

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