Google Won’t Have Any Dots in Its Search Domain

Custom search engines are a cool feature that any modern browser should have. Conducting a search online should be as easy as pressing a few buttons, and companies that run custom search engines are out there doing the best they can to ensure that Internet users get the best that there is.

One such company is Google with their particular search engine. Technology keeps developing and growing each day. As such, so do other facets change that are related to the internet. This has compelled Google to make various changes regarding how their search engine operates, in a bid to make it more user friendly.


Google wish to run Search as a “Dotless” Domain

Google has reported that it wants to make .search a “dotless” domain. In 2012, Google made an application requesting management of the .cloud, .blog, .app, and .search “generic top-level” domain names. This is part of an expansion effort of the domain system. ICANN, which is the entity managing this expansion project, has not awarded Google any gTLDs so far. This could be due to a number of reasons, and there are controversial aspects surrounding the whole issue. However, this standstill may soon come to an end since Google already wrote to ICANN detailing its expansion plan. According to Google, this expansion plan is not only meant to benefit them, but other services as well.

Plans that Google has for a “Dotless” Search

The main plan is to use .search to control a redirect function on the “dotless” .search domain. The search domain is http://search/. This will be combined with a simple standard to allow a query interface for all search services, as well as allow users to use a search service of their choice.

ICANN has been discussing the plan that Google has for some time and it seems that the plan has more challenges than anything else to contend with right now. The most urgent challenge is that their plan has several security risks, and experts are far from supporting the plan.

Challenges for the “dotless” plan

The plan has various security issues that must be solved first before ICANN can give the gTLDs. The issue comes about since Google wants to run a redirect service where users can register using any search website, so long as it has a query interface. Google needs to find a solution to this important issue first, before being able to launch its new plan.

Any thoughts on this, guys? Certainly, Google specialists know exactly what they do, but how will such changes influence average users and blogs owners? We can remember some moments, when Google innovations didn’t end good enough for users and caused some problems with this search engine’s usage. Anyway, no one says that we do not need changes and innovations at all. So, if Google is able to deal with all security issues mentioned above, we’ll probably become the witnesses of something totally new from Google. Comments and your personal thoughts on this topic are always welcome!

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