Google Updates Maps In Countries Across Asia, Europe and Africa

Google Maps Update has been launched to countries of three continents across Asia, Europe and Africa which incorporates insight detail like 3D buildings, ferry routes, marked distinction between highways and local roads etc.

Today, Google has proclaimed about maps updates for some countries of three continents. In its latest update Google will now provide new additions like 3D building, insight detail and updates to existing features such as ferry routes.

The countries who received the maps updates from Google are Vatican City, Singapore, San Marino, Portugal, Macau, Lesotho, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic and Croatia.

The above said countries incorporates more details such as body of water detail and upgrades to coastline. Also it marked more significant places such as schools, public areas, airports and etc.

Out of which the ferry routes are most interesting improvements as for example near Naples:

According to Blog from Google Lat Long:

We have also incorporated crystal clear labels especially for ferry routed to many distinct places, like the below surrounding area of Naples and Italy. However, it is very useful in designating ferry routes. Also, you can employ Google Maps to congregate overview on directions for ferries based on transit. We attempted to make your route over water in very easy way in account of ferry timetables as you might follow our driving directions over land.

Eventually, Google has included additional multilingual support for road names and modify the highway and local roads in order to convey more distinct look from one another.


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