Google Update: Google launches Penguin Update 1.1

Google has unveiled first update to Google Penguin a latest webspam-fighting Penguin algorithm on May 26, 2012 and termed it as Google Penguin Update 1.1. Matt Cutts, Head of Google's Webspam team proclaimed this news on Twitter and says it a “data refresh” which aftermath less than 0.12% of English-language searches.

As Google has rolled out the Penguin update, even though SEOs and webmaster are speculating continuously in these days. “It is the first update since Penguin opened it eyes on 24th April.” Cutts added.

About Penguin, Google has stated that it is an alteration made to algorithm which target at webspam and most significantly, “those sites which are violating quality guidelines of Google.”

However, Penguin led an immediate uproar throughout the entire SEO industries comprising various distinct questioning including whether it will brought a search result better or worse. As it’s an algorithmic change, likewise earlier Google proclaimed that there was no provision of reconsideration, still it wouldn’t consider as well as don’t allow to make a request for reconsideration through Webmaster Central. But it has setup a form for those webmaster who sites has been influenced by Penguin by mistake in their own standpoint.

Furthermore, this Penguin update affects English searches but with a small percentage. Still the Form is available online.

Postscript From Danny Sullivan: However, most probably you will found that still some people are wondering in the case they couldn’t recovered from this update which are supposed to be hit by Penguin. Thus it led to arise a question whether they would never recover or should initiate with beginning again.

When Penguin 1.0 came into existences, Google proclaimed that any site hit by Penguin had been penalized. Just after that, some instances were came into light where those websites that were not supposed to spam Google, even yet had traffic drops.

Some of them might be appeared as false positive, therefore, When Google eliminate the wide swathes of links, is seems to be more reasonable to assume as well as some website lost credit in account of which it was benefited. In bottom line, those sites were not penalized, but didn’t congregate much benefits likewise earlier.

Thus, I am still attempting to ensure this, whether those sites which have influenced by Penguin 1.0 was literally penalized or likewise those who don’t receive credit and benefits like earlier, because distinct others sites were penalized.

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