Google Update: ‘Comparison’ Unit with Highlights Paid Inclusion

The Google's “comparison ads” has got some innovative look in Google's search results page. However, Google proclaims that the people will got a more flexible comparison listing from distinct companies as it has commercial collaboration with. Google has also emphasized on three different Google search products that seems to extensively sports on the basis of paid inclusion. Once Google was found to be against this paid inclusion programs.

A Google spokesperson stated that they are transforming the design layout of hotel, flight, bank account and credit card search results, that will facilitate the people to accomplish the concerning actions like booking flights etc. more easily and exponentially. Further, he added that Google had always disclosed that it may be paid if an user accomplish action like this. Also, it explain how they do that.

The New Look

When the people in US perform following types of searches, the comparison unit open its eyes.

  • Flight Search
  • Hotel Search
  • Search related to Financial product including checking accounts, credit cards, savings accounts or certificates of deposits etc.

In UK, such units are available only for financial products especially for savings accounts, current accounts and credit cards. Moreover, the units are not assumed as new, as from more than a year it existed with some products. Simply, they have been transformed in a new format. The below specified is an example of old-style that might be still visible for some people.


However, below example show the changing with coming days accordingly.


In this new format, you will found that the Google’s traditional AdWords background color has eliminated. The comparison unit is accompanied with a “Sponsored” disclaimer instead of an “Ads” one, just like AdWords ads.

Not Ads, Not Organic Listings But A “Third Kind Of Thing”

Now, the Google has provided a formal name to “comparison ads” as a “third type of things” which lies between organic listings and ads. However, after clicking the comparison link the people will be directed to relevant vertical search product, be it Google Advisor, Google Hotel Finder or Google Flight Search.

Google defines this distinction as the keywords, links in AdWords and the copy were controlled by advertisers. The result provided by comparison units, Google decides about listing as well as how they will be displayed on the basis of congregated data the advertisers provide. However, in most cases according to leads being send by it, Google gets paid.

Google proclaims that those who want to be accompanied in financial products area, hotel area or in the flight area will either approached by the concerning team in Google already or lets them know to contact. In bottom line, if you are not acquainted with the exact place to intimate, your company will be disqualified for such type of ads.

Organic, Paid Placement & Paid Inclusion Listings

The Google as well as Bing incorporates two distinct kinds of search listing. The first is referred as “natural” or “editorial” or “organic” listings, the “main” listing about which the people think as the result of search engine. Here in this space, Google doesn’t charge to people. Its search algorithms attempt to designate most relevant data or sites to list for a specific keyword search.

However, it also offer paid listings that is powered by AdWords, where advertisers used to bid in front of each other to be visible above or the right of the organic listings, as these ads offer advertisers to achieve a prominent placement, and is known as “paid placement” ads. Moreover, even with Google, the advertisers can’t guarantee about the ads that will rank with any specific search/keyword term, even they wish to pay more.

Paid Inclusion In The Vertical Space

Google has arrived very near to paid inclusion as in the past in account of blend of sponsored listing in the things such as local results and shopping, but today with companies, there is probability to come more closer towards other newer search products. However, Google may incorporate “free” information which may be listed in any area due to the data feeds which pulls in or some crawling. But it is apparent that these products are literally is going to build a intimation towards comparison amongst services from companies through which Google built a commercial relationship with.

Google Hotel Finder, which was launched in last year, referred as a hotel search engine just like other Google search engine like Google image search, web pages, videos etc. Unlike with those other search engines, here it seems most in the case if not all content in Google Hotel Finder about the company which comprises commercial relationship or intended to have one with – a commercial relationship is the Google gets paid for leads.

Google Flight Search that was also open its eyes last year comprises the same situation. Google was quite about the businesses either were appeared for free within the specified area or why some airlines incorporated booking feature or not.

Google Advisor in last year, launched several financial product searching tools, individual sections like credit card area etc. recently proclaimed that Google doesn’t paid for these offers appear. As, these area are empowered with comparison units in Google which are referred as sponsored. Also, Google said that the Google Advisor word is being updated.

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