Google Targeted Parked Domains and Scraper Sites Among its New Search Changes

As Google keep on updating its search engine algorithm on the monthly basis, this time too it has announced some changes in the search results. This time Google has targeted basically the Parked domains and Scraper sites. Google has shown red signals to all those who are having parked domains and scraper sites by declaring that life is now getting a bit tougher to those kind of webmasters.

Google has warned those with its sayings that  those kind of people may face tougher challenge who are hoping to “push down” negative listings. This one is really another significant search improvements that has been made in the search algorithm of Google in order to make search even more transparent than ever. If we make a rough count of all the changes we probably come to the conclusion that, Google has made around 500 improvements in a given year among which this one is the most significant one.

In this blog post we are going to focus on those subtler algorithmic and visible changes. Although, Google call all of these changes as algorithm changes, but they have varieties of nature; some of them are really related to the search interface, while others impact how Google crawls, which is different from the algorithm that controls how Google ranks pages. Now, without making any delay let us move on to the changes which are discussed as below under different headings:

Parked Domains Get Ticketed

One of the most significant changes made by Google in its search algorithm is the detection of Park Domains, i.e. those placeholder sites which are seldom useful, having very few contents and mostly filled with ads. Google states that the new algorithm will automatically detect parked domains; and since these sites are not having substantial content on their sites which can be useful for users, hence for those it is harder to get rank on Google.

Rewarding The Original

Another major changes done by Google is that if many pages appear like similar, Google will reward the original one. The current search algorithm can now better detect the “original” page having original contents when confronted with several that seem similar; and hence this changes can cost heavy for those who believe in getting good rank on Google search engine just by duplicating others.

Although, there are a variety of things that can cause a page to be duplicated within a web site, but one of the greatest issue is that people copy or “scrape” the others content without permission. And in most of the cases, it happens that these kind of scraper sites sometimes even outrank the original site on search engine. In such a scenario, Google has made the provision especially targeting to those scraper sites, that they will be penalized and the original sites will be rewarded ultimately.

Stop Crowding Me

Another major changes done by Google is disallowing a single site from occupying too much space of the top search engine results. In other words we can say that, those potential sites which are occupying more than one position on the top search engine results, they will be debarred form doing so. The changes made to the Google search algorithm now ensures that host crowding, or more than single listing on top search results will not be allowed on the search results for a single website.

Rare Words Count For More

One of the most interesting changes made by Google in its algorithm is that if any one is searching for  a “rare” or unusual word Google will ignore this and return back the matching web pages that might not contain that word. Usually it happens that we fetch results for queries that are similar to the actual search you type, but after this changes has been made, it will happen less likely that these results will rank highly if the original query had a rare word that was dropped in the alternate query. This significant change made will bring more transparency in the search engine results.

Bigger & Fresher

One of the most remarkable changes made by Google is the comprehensive indexing which promises that more long-tail documents available in its index are more likely to rank higher in the search results for relevant queries. it has been also declared by the Google that the more comprehensive and fresh index, the more fresher will be the search results; image results are also included in that which also must be fresh.

Other Major Changes

Some of the other significant changes which Google has made is that it offering more auto-complete suggestions. Google states that it has made small changes to improve its look on tablets. And ultimately, Google announces that those who are looking for Major League Soccer and Canadian Football League score, now the search results will display scores, schedules and links to game recaps and box scores for games too which is really noticing.

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