Google+ Profile RSS Feed: How to get RSS Feed of Google+ Profiles

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is the feed form, which is used in sharing news, status, new product description and blogs with audio and video regarding profile, organization and followers. Google+ is the social networking site with millions of user. At Google+, some might be following other users; this post encapsulates guidelines to create RSS Feed from Google+ profiles. This will be helpful for followers to get updates instantly regarding particular profile.

Google+ Profile RSS Feed: Trend of publishing contents is currently ruled by RSS feeds. RSS feed is lightweight format which is used to handle contents and can be easily distributed among users. The updated events regarding profile, news and much more can be published on RSS form. Whenever there is any need of information regarding particular organization or profile then there will be no need to pass query on search engine. Just go to RSS feed of particular organization and collect concerned information. However, gaining any information regarding profile at Google+ is not same. For this Google has launched web application that is called Google plus feed. Below is the manual for how to use Google plus feed. Here it is considered that user of this Guideline do have the account at Google+.

Steps to Generate Google+ Profile RSS Feed

Follow below mentioned steps for creating Google+ RSS Feeds effectively.

Access the ID of the Profile

First, access the id of the user of whom there is need to access the update. This is in number form and is included at the end of the URL. Suppose this is URL of Google+ id here digit 109991047414763470979 is the profile ID. Copy or note down the ID.

Paste the ID

Concatenate this number with like

Mention this URL to Google Reader

Integrate this URL to Google Reader. In Google Reader, you will have to select RSS Feed format there are two RSS Feed Formats such as atom1.0 and RSS2.0. After selecting format and get ready to have Google+ feeds instantly.


So these all are the simple steps to be followed for finding RSS feeds of Google+ profile but note this can only be possible if user have his account at Google+. In the next post, I am going to describe how to get RSS Feeds for Facebook profile.

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