Google Penguin Update: Ways to Recover and Negative SEO Concerns

It's about two weeks since Google launched Penguin Update and feels pleasure with this novice spam-fighting algorithm as well as intending to enhance other things. But still there is one thing that afflicts about how to recover as well as remains concerns about “negative SEO” as threat. However, Matt Cutts, the head of Google's web spam team is answering on these issues and some related queries here.

Penguin: “A Success”

As, the main purpose that sits behind updating an algorithm is to enhance search result. When asking “How is Penguin been for Google?” Cutts replied “ We belief it is been a success”.

What About Those Bizarre Results?

Just after the launching of Google’s Penguin, the people started citing examples of deviant results. The Viagra’s official website was not listed, on the other hand hacked websites were. For “make money online”, empty sites were listed as well as various reports were there which confirmed that other empty sites were ranking elegantly.

So, How you call Penguin a success where such type of incidents are happening?

Matt Cutts added that many such kind of issues were existed even prior to Penguin hit and not is the outcome of new spam-fighting algorithm. However, in Viagra issue, which has been fixed now, was also in the existence before Penguin opened it eyes. This issue didn’t caused by Penguin.

Some Cases of False Positive

Some people thinks that their sites has been affected by Penguin below the belt, even they weren’t not committing any kind of spam. What about such false positive?

“Though we have designated some issues as well as we supposed to investigate more ahead, but this alteration hasn’t identical impact like wise Panda or Florida had.” Matt Cutts added.

Last year, the Panda Update was a great update launched by Google and targeted low-quality spam. The Google’s Florida Update was a major update launched in year 2003 and was intended to enhance its search quality. Undoubtedly, by keeping the watched reaction to these updates in vision, I would brace that these both seemed to hit more sites than Penguin. It might be possible that not everyone would be agree with me. It also comprises a regular reminder for any website which “lost” in rankings as well as some gained.
In bottom line, Google is verily confident that the Penguin Update as it was intended to trap those people who were spamming is perform successfully.

Why Spam Still Gets Through

While observing the reports, most often I pointed out spam at the core regarding why it is dropped. But when Penguin is assume to be working, why some sites who used to spam uncloudly are still getting through.

“No algorithm is perfect. While we attempt to achieve perfection, out litmus test is, ‘Do things better than before.’,” Cutts stated.
Moreover, Cutts also say that Penguin has explicit designed which excellently act against those pages where it found an extremely high-confidence of spamming being employed. Therefore, it has both some downside and upside as well. The upside is that you may get a couple of false positives, on the other hand some spam might get through and is considered as downside.

How Can You Recover

Addressing people ‘how to recover’ is seems to be the most confounded thing. Anyone who is influenced by Penguin was supposed to be spamming Google. Earlier, when you spammed Google, you were suggest to file a request for reconsideration. Though, Google already proclaimed that the requests won’t help those websites who were influenced by Penguin. ‘They will recover naturally when they clean up the spam’ Google says.

However, one primary reason I noticed when looking at Penguin affected sites is seems to be bad linking practice. People used to employ poor quality reciprocal linking, sponsored WordPress themes or purchased or participated links in linking networks. Hence, Google targeted these recently. How will people come out from these link networks and perhaps they don’t have access over these links.

“Cleaning these things is possible and attempt to resolve what you can” Cutts added as well as recommend these two videos to review done by him on this topic.

Waiting On Penguin To Update Again

When anyone cleans those things up, how will they know ? Usually, you will observe traffic from Google recover, when the next time Penguin is updated.

However, it leads an another significant point. Likewise Panda, Penguin is referred as a filter which get refreshed periodically. Penguin doesn’t run constantly but instead is employed to tag things as spam.

Identical to Panda, is Penguin a sit-wide penalty or page-specific? Cutts nothing say. But given that Panda influenced site-wide, thus it is assumed that Penguin also woks same.

Again, recovery stands for cleaning up the spam. If you have cleaned accordingly but still don’t recover, eventually, you might need to initiate with a fresh site. Cutts added.

New Concerns Over Negative SEO

Google recently has targeted some distinct linking schemes which results in some people to lose traffic to their site. However, Google has already sent warning mails regarding those sites who incorporate “unnatural” or “artificial” links in Google’s standpoint. Further, it generated concerns in some context. Then, the Penguin Update bump that results in more people to lose site traffic, as they were supposed to either influenced for link spam or no benefit of link spam that might be wiped out.

Such things transform it prepared for people to comprehend that bad linking schemes may harm their sites. As, negative SEO issues are not novice. For years, they are floating. Apart of this, we don’t assume it as a major concern.

“It is confounded for others to hurt a website, and indeed it seems to be like the same. Thus, including bad links in a good website incorporating other distinct winks is assume to be attempting to infect a healthy site with a disease which have antibodies too and eventually the good stuff dominate the bad.” Google said.

Cutts said that the negative SEO is hard and rare. “We have performed a tons of work in order to ensure that one fellow can’t harm another person’s website. He also stated that ‘As Google proclaimed earlier. Almost 700,000 messages were sent earlier to publishers by Google and you will be amazed that these were not for bad link schemes and networks or nor they all were done on the same day at once. Rather, most of the website constituted both manual and algorithmic penalties defined to them over time but ere never unfolded. Recently, Google has determined to unfold these things.

After Negative SEO Campaign, A Link Warning

Undoubtedly, some fresh messages do go out, that leads to Dan Thies’s case. His website was target by some one attempting to prove his negative SEO efforts. After this happened, he received an unnatural link warning. However, he lose some rankings. So, whether it proves that literally negative SEO works?

Regarding this concerns, Thies stated that in account of some alteration he made himself was likely to be the reason of losing his ranking. Actually, he eliminated a link from all pages of his website which redirect back to his website’s home page. After recovering that, he got his lost ranking. He told.

Further, he added that his overall site traffic never got worst, that tends to stand in front of concerns that negative SEO is a cryptic threat, because if it performed enough to tag his website with Penguin Update, he must have a huge drop in his ranking and overall traffic for his website.

Still, what to say about link warning? Thies assumed that the mail accompanied by link warning was due to negative SEO attempt. He also added that he filed three requests for reconsideration and with each time the reply he got, it said that no spam actions has been found. So, was he bumped only with a warning but not amongst those who accompanied with a penalty.

After asking about this case of Dan Thies, Cutts denied to make any specific comment on Thies’s particular case and situation. But, he said that a usually a link warning mail is a wink to a ranking drop. However, if the website fixes such issues and attempt to files a request for reconsideration exponentially might be check the downfall of site ranking and traffic.

Solving The Concerns

I supposed here, once again we will carry on with discussion of negative SEO, with a robust standpoint by some that it is a primary concern for anyone. However, when buying links are easy and cheaper than ever then why to mess up with concerns. What happened to story and case of Thies or all those persons who received a warning after 24,000 links who were incorporated to his site in a single day, are critical.

Furthermore, to confuse matter, those persons who supposed to lost their web traffic due to Penguin, there might be a probability that they are not victims of penalty. Rather, Google may have blocked enabling some specific links to pass credit, if they were assumed to be integrated in context of some attempt just towards manipulating the rank. However, if websites were heavily grounded over these artificial links, they would observe a huge drop just in account of that the credit of links were withdrawn, not because those websites were penalized by Penguin.

Here, I will offer a good suggestion out of the SEO discussion that Google not used to penalize the websites who have bad links pointing at them. Just give up the links and don’t let these links to pass the credit, but prevent penalizing the website. However, it is a brilliant suggestion in context of diminishing the negative concerns of SEO.

Moreover, I would like to stress once again from what I have observed, negative SEO is not literally what most hit by Penguin that must be probably be concerned about. It is supposed to be more likely hit by spam, which anyhow accompanied with actively, instead of something accomplished by a competitor.

Recovering From Penguin

It seems to very confounded in order to recovering from Penguin and still are bother and meet hindrance who thinks that Penguin has hit their sites. As Google proclaimed earlier, that if someone spammed Google and bumped by Penguin, clean-up the spam from pages and it will recover naturally. Though, here I have listed some tips and advice that can be employed if you are acquainted that you were influenced by Penguin due to a downfall in traffic observed on 24 April as on this day Google launched Penguin.

  • Attempt to clean up spam on your page you know you have done.
  • Clean up the bad links at the best you can if know you entangled with.
  • Wait for Penguin Update in future.
  • If it couldn’t, either attempt for further cleaning or start with a fresh site.
  • In your standpoint, if you were a false positive, request a file for reconsideration.

Beyond these, in subject to link scheme if you have employed hidden links through WordPress plugins as it does very apparently, however, that might be caused a penalty. Furthermore, you are required to take an insight look at your own website. It is not too confounded to designate bad link networks which might be part of that. Thus, it doesn’t assume that there is not spam which is getting past Penguin. If Penguin make an impact over you, then complaining about the things that wasn’t caught is not an effective solution to enhance your own situation.


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