Google Penguin Update A New Algorithm by Google

The Google has unleashed the Penguin Update on April 24. The motive sits behind this is to punish the pages in Google's search result who have been spamming. For better comprehending of you, spamming is the thing that include “keyword stuffing” or “cloaking” or violating Google's guidelines in any form by people. Though an update may take few days to rollout across all various data centers of Google. The Penguin is live and put impacts on all its search result, Google confirmed.

If you are worried, you can see that your site has influenced by Penguin or not. As the update has been successfully launched on 24 April. You are required to analyze your search related traffic from Google. If you observe a fall in traffic in contrast of approx two day earlier, then Penguin has hit your site. If traffic rises, then your site has been benefited and no change is observed, no impact on you.

However, it has been designed with targeting spam, so you are supposed to remove accordingly if you might have. Also, it is quite obvious to analyze and optimize that which has been marked as spam by Google in your site. In case, you assume that Penguin has hooked you site and nothing has been flagged as spam, then you are supposed to optimize the things you think of that might be spam-like.

Google Webmaster Central worth a significant option to file a reconsideration request. However, Google bears clean cheat and added that Penguin is an algorithmic change – IE, such penalty are being implemented automatically rather than a spam spotted by a human at Google and implemented manually. Further, Google added that there is not any provision of reconsideration as it would not work with Penguin. So, webmasters are unable to ask for reconsideration for their site, but Google would like to hear feedback about the changes through their dedicated webmaster forum.

Earlier, Google had warned regarding “over-optimization” that was to be launched. That warning about penalties was nothing but the Penguin. Now, Google made a statement clarifying that it was not associated to target some hard-to-pin down “over-optimization” but spam.

A day before, Google also stated that an update to its Panda algorithm, Panda 3.5 has been released on April 19. However, Penguin is meant to target spam as well as Panda algorithm is designed to target those pages which doesn’t incorporate spam but aren’t of great quality. Also, if you designated traffic fall to your site on April 19 and couldn’t recovered, then most probably your site has influenced by Panda instead of Penguin. Therefore, it is suggested that to recover you should follow advice from Panda.


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