Google Payment Checkout: Retiring Soon on 20 November

Here, is the declaration from Google official that Payment Checkout tool is slated to be shut down on 20th November 2013.So all the merchants, who are selling tangible goods by using Google Payment Checkout tool should have to switch to different Mode such as Pay Pal or eBay or any other services that are providing payment facility.

The merchants who are selling the Digital-goods will not be affected, they will be transferred to Google Wallets and those who are using Google hosted market will also be fine.

Google has also announced that it get coordinated with other service provider such as Shopify, Freshbooks and Braintree to offer discounted service for its retailer. This step will help its merchants to quit this payment service as early as possible. Secondly, their business will not get down.

Google Checkout Updates

Google Payment Checkout was introduced in the year 2006 to avail every retailer for having smooth and secure transaction about the payment being made by the customers. This switching off of the service does not mean that Google is retarding. It is investing in implementing wide range of surprising payments’ products that gratify possible needs for both buyer/seller. The list of products is mentioned below:

Google Wallet Instant Buy: – This tool will provide instantly access store information and also speed-up the process of payment. The process utilizes cloud based technology. For more information, you can go to

Google Wallet Object: – This API assures you to check out the loyalty of the customers. It will help in managing the healthy relationship with Customers. For more information click this

Google official is very dedicated in assisting its retailer from removing the service. The whole manual is given at the site with proper FAQ. So that if the merchants have any doubt they can read it and understand the process to remove the service.


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