Google Payday Loan Algorithm: Google Targeted Spammy Queries via Algorithm

Google has changed its searching strategy to mark the indiscriminate or Spammy queries such as erotic content, payday loan or illegal drugs since today. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search spam just declared this on Twitter that they have just started a new ranking update today for spammy queries, which will be in effect within few days.

This is the good news for all the people who are connected to Google search engine in terms of searching results or managing URL. Matt Cutts posted the video explaining about Google SEO tweaks that should be adopted in order to improve search engine result page. It is believed that this change would heavily impacts on the spammer and the people who do black hat practices and at the other side, this will secure server from crashing.

Matt cutt words about Payday Loan Algorithm


In this video, Matt Cutts gives guidelines about, “how to improve search results by mentioning some SEO tips and said that the effect of updating will be globally. He also said that this change would knock down the Turkish queries where online spamming is higher.

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