Google Patent may Introduce “Wiki-Type Element” to Search Result

Recently in this week, Google has approved a patent for “Organizing search results in a topic hierarchy”.

“Methods, apparatus and systems as well as medium-encoded products of computer program in context of searching a set of data and return to the search results cultivated in a hierarchy categories has been rolled out. In the direction of organizing a search results set, a set to categories is provided where every category is associated with multiple search results. The set of search result is designated into the hierarchy of categories where the hierarchy is supposed to incorporate at least one category from the available set of categories. However, at least a fragment of hierarchy of categories should be showing-up and should accept the request from users to transform the hierarchy of categories.” added by the abstract of patent.

It seems to be appear like a concept of directory accompanied with controls where users can implement to influence the search result categorization. It may be stands as more human-edited Wikipedia-like concept to search results.

“In the case if you attempt to search for jaguar, there may be probability that Google show a set of categories to choose and click.” Slawski stated. “In the case if you don’t find one as you like it may provide an option to include a category. However, the category added by you may be turns into a personalized result which appears only for you. Thus, if a particular category included by various people then it is likely to be appear for others too.”

“Each and every category is supposed to be associated with multiple search result, he explains. The category may be cultivated in a hierarchy of categories. As for example, a ‘sport’ category may be resembles with the word Jaguar, which can comprises the football team of NFL as well as the team of racing too, and various other teams incorporating the name of Jaguars and Jaguar. Some lower level ‘sport’ categories may also available as football, lacrosse, racing and miscellaneous. Thus a user might be not only capable to include categories but also can alter the hierarchy of categories.”

The users can mingle sites with relevant specific categories and can add or remove categories, as well as their might be an add-on element for browser which enables users to perform changes to the system from distinct sites.

Further Slawski said, the system has incorporated a wiki-like element. The patent says, “A user is capable to filter, display or re-sort a set of search results arranged into the hierarchy of categories and organized on the basis of category by category. Literally, the users can customize and modify as well as able to expand the body of search result with related categories in order to transform a search engine more robust grounded over category-based operation. Moreover, in terms of function and content of search engine user feedback data can be provided, through incorporating a wiki-type element of intelligence and content of a search engine based on category.

The description in the patent wouldn’t be considered to be the first time we have analyzes users control things congregated in their search results.



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