Google Panda 3.8 Update Live on June 25th

On Monday, June 25 2012, Google pushed up another novice update for Panda labeled as Google Panda 3.8 through it official twitter account. This Panda 3.8 update seems to have a little impact like wise its previous update on SEO practices as well as overall search rankings. Though, it is suggested that marketers should still emphasize on creating high-quality and engaging contents for their website, hereafter, tends to boom the appearance of your site in Google search.

This Google Panda 3.8 referred as only a refresh, which states that it doesn’t rolled any updates to algorithm signal. What they did is to rerun the Panda algorithm to run through entire index as well as release or capture those websites which deserve or influenced by Panda algorithm according to them.

Apart of this, Google as a fragment of the Tweet also incorporated a link to Webmaster Central blog post since a year ago. This post says about how to create content of high-quality standards in context of providing best guidelines and practices for marketers to follow while developing a site.

Basically, Google suggests against those SEO campaigns which are driven by content marketing that eventually used to avoid several pitfalls and bad practices of SEO. However, in context of driving more traffic to your site and enhance the visibility of brand over web as well as building trust and goodwill with readers one should avoid duplicate content, employ qualified content writers who can write quality editorial standards.


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