Google Page Rank Updated On 27 June 2011

Breaking News for all the bloggers and website owners! Can you guess what it is? You can’t? No matter we will tell you. It is today, that Google has updated its Page Rank just few minutes ago. Are you feeling Excited? Upset? Sad? Angry? Embarrassed? Or Joyful? Yes, these are quite obvious as per ranking rated by the Google. You can view the Page Rank in the Google Toolbar.

Google Page Rank Update on 27th June 2011?

As per rating given by the Google, most of the websites will see a significant improvement in Google PR. First of all, Congratulations to all those bloggers and webmasters who ranked at the top of the Google ranking. Now, it’s time for them to celebrate and cheer up as their hard efforts have now been turned into success now. Those who are not able to see their page rank, wait for few days, Google will give you appropriate rank as per your efforts and SEO techniques. Also there is no need to worry for those who have not got a good rank as they can hope good results from Google in the next round. Google keeps telling them not to worry about their Page Rank. They can expect update in the coming days.

What is Google PR?

For those who are unaware of the term Google PR, let us first discuss what does the term Google PR stand actually for? In actual, the term Google PR stands for Google Page Rank. It can be defined as the ratings or rankings given to each websites in between 0 to 10. The higher the ranking more reputable the site is. Those who have launched a new website are likely to have a PR0. The Google PR depends upon the SEO techniques and services hired by that particular website. Those who have least page rank are supposed to hire best SEO service mutual support for their websites which can yield better Google page rank in its next round which is supposed to be happening in the next four to five months.


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