Google+ Is Beating Facebook: ACSI

Google+ is beating Facebook at least in terms of Customer satisfaction. A survey was conducted by ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) where including Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest were incorporated which brings this picture in the light.

In this year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index for the first time measured some novice social networks which in other words can be state as those social networking website which are not Facebook and incorporate LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

As you will be amazed to know that Google+ shined. In a survey where all social media sites participated, Google+ scored the highest marks of 78 from ACSI towards customer satisfaction.

According to the comparison, Facebook earned total 61 marks which is reduced by 17 points in this 2012 year. Even, Twitter also didn’t play good and score only 64 marks out of 1 to 100.

However, in account of comparison between social media sites it has been found that Facebook has fall down by 7.6% or 5 points in contrast to year 2011. In the commentary of American Customer Satisfaction Index, they make a statement that the reason behind this fall is supposed as unpopularity of Timeline among some users for Facebook’s drop.

Facebook’s drop has been observed since the Timeline profile came into existence and a significant alteration appear to the organization as well as the look of its pages. Thus is was found to be confounded for users that they couldn’t output for new designs of profile.

However, among the Facebook user base the users complained basically about some stuffs such as advertisements fatigue and privacy concerns. Also, the ACSI proclaimed two basic reasons behind obtaining lowest satisfaction numbers of all industries are privacy concerns as well as employment of personal information. The TV subscription companies, airlines and newspapers got lower scores for 2012, they added.

But, the Google+, the social network has sizable amount of faithful users or a faithful bunch. Moreover, in the case where the network doesn’t own the amount of users near Facebook and even Twitter, it says that the the users who are employing its service and features are verily pleased with it.

According to ACSI, the purpose why people were pleased as well as Google+ received higher marks are the privacy concerns that that protects user privacy, inarguably enhanced mobile presence and lack of traditional ads.

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