Google Chrome Overtakes FireFox in United Kingdom: Chrome de-tailing back Fire Fox World Wide

According to latest Browser Polls Utilization in UK, Google Chrome overtakes Fire fox in the last month i.e. July by securing second position after Internet Explorer. Google’s Chrome has overshadowed the performance of Fire Fox by defeating it for the first ever time through its noteworthy speculation in advertising and marketing, due to this the software ‘Google Chrome’ was utilized by around 22.12percent people in UK among regular internet users in July.

The performance of Chrome was overtaking Firefox which was used by only 21.65 of users in July month. Firefox has undoubtedly served us for a long time as the most effective web browser as an impressively feature full browser, but Google chrome has won over the Fire Fox with its light, lively, extensible open browsing techniques.

Google chrome has gained a lot of popularity from the time of its launch and comparatively with a huge pace in the last year. Chrome came into existence in December 2008; its performance was about of 12 percent in 2010 which has almost doubled by 22.1 percent in July 2011. On the contrary Fire Fox has received a drastic decrease with 21.6 percent in July 2011 which was 25 percent in 2010. User Polls of Firefox started the year 2011 with around 22.5 percent, while Google Chrome was ongoing with 16.73 percent. In the month of June, Firefox was leading with only half of a point percentage which was of about 1.5 percent points in the month of May. The six months period proved very decisive and crucial with the victory of Chrome over Fox.

One can also refer to the Stat-Counter displayed below:


There are several reasons for the victory of Google Chrome over Firefox and to count upon few, the new and exciting features provided by chrome are the biggest reason of Fire Fox’s defeat. Chrome is availing a lot of new and creative solutions to the browsers from the perception of a user’s interface. The most obvious noticeable one is consolidation of Address Bar with search box. Firefox is lacking behind by chrome in many fronts. Chrome provides frequently incrementing updates without downloading its latest versions.
Google launched chrome in the form of a sleek, influential and eventually a light browser that is only focused on browse quotient and availing the great operating speed to the users for this it has been integrated with the huge explorer’s V8 JavaScript locomotive. The source code of Google Chrome released with its Beta is encouraging developers to aid in rationalizing the browsing experience and making the browser an efficient mode to display web pages and web applications.

After the victorious verdict of last month’s poll chrome has suddenly accelerated the cycle of releasing its polished new version stable release which is going to be updated every six weeks. The most prominent beneficiary i.e. user need not to wait for the massive release for complementing a detailed list of updates with new features automatically availed in the browser one is using. From the perspective of a user these are some great features.

Talking globally, Internet Explorer is still the winner by scoring 42 percent of its total share in the browsing market in July, whereas Fire fox is second with 28 percent of total users all over the world and Google’s chrome stands third with 22 percent of usage all over the world. On the other hand Safari from the brand Apple counts up with its market of 5 and opera with 2 percent.

According to the experiences of people all around the world, it has been discovered that chrome is getting popular for its high end performance. The browsing speed of chrome is also a factor that has mainly increased the utilization of chrome all over the world rapidly. To have a look at the statistics provided by the users on the speed of the browsers below which has majorly become the main reason for Chrome’s rapid popularity:

Chrome’s rapid popularity

To sum up, we still see Google Chrome at the third position worldwide but there is a rapid increase in the utilization of this browser that is eating up the shared space of Internet Explorer and Fire with 1 percent each. We hope to see chrome as a leading browsing engine in the near future with its various upcoming features.

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