Google, Bing Hit All-Time Highs, Yahoo Low in Search Market Share

In the latest comScore search market share it has been found that Google and Bing both are standing at high level all-time while on the other hand Yahoo at lowest level. It is likely to be revealed publicly within couple of days. However, the financial analyst has already analyzed and are now sharing their copies of data.

According to search market share report June 2012 proclaimed by comScore’s explicit – which include desktop searches only excluding mobile. The figure are being provided below as follows:

  • Google: elevated to 66.8 percent in June from 66.7 percent in May; all-time at high level.
  • Bing: elevated to 15.6 percent in June from 15.4 percent in May; all time at high level.
  • Yahoo: reduced to 13 percent in June from 13.4 percent in May; all time at low level.

comScore has shown data for Yahoo where it appears with 10 declining months consequently, in which company has dropped down to 13 % market share form 16.3%. In the mean time, Bing has appeared with either flat or rising market share since last 26 months consecutively.

Postscript: The above value has been appeared as formally announcement made by comScore. For easy comprehension and those who prefer graphical presentation, the chart version of aforesaid data is being presented here.


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