Google Banned Checker Tools: Check Domains for Google/Adsense Ban

Google Blacklist checking tools are a very important part of every webmaster’s kit. These tools check if a website is banned or blacklisted by Google search or Google Adsense. In this post I had provided Best 5 free online Google Blacklist checking tools 2013. These all tools are free and can be used without any complication.

Google Blacklist is an online list of domains which are banned by the Google from indexing. These website domains are not included in the search results and hence resulting in massive lost. The worst part of the story is the fact that Google doesn’t inform the webmasters about this complete or partial ban. If you too are experiencing some heavy loss in the website traffic; it may be due to the Google Index Ban.

Moreover Google also ban the websites with respect to Google Adsense (Advertisement Program). So if you are planning to integrate the Google Adsense in your website; make sure that it is not banned for Google Adsense program.

It is very tough task to manually know if you are banned by the Google indexing or Google Adsense but with the help of online Google Ban Checking tools. These tools are absolutely free and can be easily used to check if a domain name and website is blacklisted by Google Search or Google Indexing.


Banned Check is a very useful online tool that tells you whether the provided domain is banned by Google Indexing or Google Adsense. This is surely a very useful tool at different aspects like:

  • Transferring the Domain name
  • Purchasing a new domain name
  • Opening Adsense account with your website
  • Buying a new website

This tool is absolutely simple to use. You just need to enter the URL of the website and click the SUBMIT button to get the result in less than 5 seconds.



Not much popular but still an effective tool to see whether your website domain is banned by Google Adsense or Google Search Results. Beside with these features; this tool also provides the facility like Search Engine Submission and Page Rank button.



This is an innovative tool that shows the Google Adsense Ads Preview for any particular keyword within a particular country. If there is no result about a keyword or webpage then it shows that the Google Adsense is blocked for that particular URL.



This is a popular and very easy way to find the status of your website in Google Indexing. You just need to enter the domain name (for example in the input box and click on the CHECK button to get the instant results. This tool analyzes the result of the Google Search and then tells you whether the URL is open for Google indexing or not.



Search Engine Genie is one of the biggest collections of amazing tools for search engine optimizers. Beside with finding the Google Banned Site Checker tool; you will find a plethora of other impressive resources here. This website is recommended and visited by thousand of webmasters everyday and hence deserves to be the part of this latest tool’s list.


I hope these tools will help everyone out there. Do you know any other tool that can be added in this list of Best Google Blacklist checking tools? If yes then share that with us in the input section below.

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