Google 21 Panda Update on 5 Nov: Overall Impact 0.4% & 1.1% for English Search Engine Query

On 5th November Google announced its 21st Panda Update. This update is going to affect 0.4 % of the queries; the value is 1.1 % for the English language search results in the United States. With this post I had also summarized the steps that can be implemented to take advantage from the latest Google panda updates.

Google officially announced the Panda update 21 On November 5th. This latest minor update is subjected to overall impact 0.4 % of regular search engine queries; the digits are 1.1 % for the search results in U.S in English language.

This Google Panda update is tagged as the Google panda 21 by the popular SEO monks. So if you too are experiencing vibration in the traffic stats; it could be the update’s impact.

Googel Panda 21 Update on twitter

Ways To seize Advantage From the Latest Update

Google keeps purifying its searching algorithms to improve the quality of the search results for the users. It emphasizes on providing a high rank to the quality websites and low rank/Penalizing the low quality websites in SERP. This purifying process has created a phobia for most of the SEO teams in all over the world but it is just a myth. Google updates help to boost the quality pages; so if you too are working hard then you can just take a few steps to receive the benefits from the Panda updates.

Gone are the days when the conventional Black Hat SEO trick like keyword stuffed contents, backlink generation and fake guest posting were paying the benefits. Google is much smarter now; if you are writing a content just for the page rank or adopting foul tricks then you will surely be chased by the Panda.

Below are some of the suggestions by which you can make the updates favorable to you:

=> SEO is changing its fashion trend; it is turning to be User-Oriented rather than SERP-Oriented. So don’t take the hassle of turning your quality content into ‘Searchable Content’. If your readers are liking your stuff then be assured that Google will love it.

=> If you are searching for some loopholes in the search algorithm of this latest Panda update then I will recommend you to utilize that time in making your site better. Even if some Black Hat SEO tricks could do it for a short time but it will put you in a large dump hole in the future.

=> Blog commenting was used to be the most popular SEO technique to get the back links but the latest updates from Google has made it clear that any non-natural way to get back links will be treated as Spam. Participating in the forums and conversations is not wrong but doing it for a fusty interest will mark you as the cheater.

=> Internal linking is one of the latest SEO trend which can really boost your rank in the search results. So do a lot of internal linking to keep the Google spider crawling in your web pages.

=> The easiest way to impress Google Panda is to provide a wide genre of content and topics on your website. If you are posting the contents on same or very similar topics; then I will suggest you to quit that today only.

=> The Google updates have revealed the secrets that the fresh contents are provided higher preference in search results. So to take the advantage of the flow; you too are advised to update and provide up-to date information with your contents.

=> Are your articles and blogs connected with your Google+ profile? If not then you should because authorship is going to be the future candy. The reputation and circle of the author will boost the ranking of the content in the upcoming days.

These suggestions are not only worthy for the latest Google panda 21 update but they could be a helping pill for the general SEO too.



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