Google 13th Birthday: Google Enters Teenage with its 13th Birthday

Time to party folks as Google enters its teenage by turning 13 year old today. Yes, the occasion is to celebrate the Google 13th birthday of the biggest search engine “The Google” with cake, candles, sweets, gifts, and balloons along with frolic pomp sharing 13 long years to success, evolution, and enhancement.

On its every birthday, Google shares happiness with its users with the help of a creative doodle. This time Google doodle displays a cake with thirteen lightning candles, three gifts, balloons, frills and three caps emoting “Google Guys” or “Google Brothers” Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin the founders of this amazing tool on World Wide Web.

We really cannot imagine our lives today without Google even for single micro second. Google is not only a helping hand to search and locate things through internet but also a very important tool to place your identity in electronic era. With endless apps and wonder tools, Google has become the most desirable item on your desktop. With Google tools like chrome, goggle news, Google mail, Google Talk, Google Earth, Google adword tool, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Translate and many others life has become simpler to sail with the flow of technological developments. The popularity and usage of Google has increased to such an extent that it has become a synonym to the web search being the most preferable all over the world.

Google was founded by the three popular men in September 1998 with a motive to provide a helpful engine to search and locate various things located all over the globe and now we celebrate Google 13th birthday. Gradual developments in the internet industry marked the presence of various Google Applications that helped in increasing the user’s pleasure while working under their respective specialized fields. Year by year by launching various helpful tools and techniques Google has developed a hard to break grip over users from all over the globe.

We wish Happy Birthday to Google on Google 13th birthday and seek blessing for prosperity and enhancements of its applications, tools, to serve self-interest of the human race.
so now its time to celebrate

Google 13th Birthday


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