Google’s Matt Cutts Announced- Not Necessary That Issued Patent Will Be a Part of Search Quality Algorithm

The recent video published by the Goggle’s search spam head, Matt Cutts has revealed the truth behind the misconception of 'introduced Google Patents'.In this video Matt pointed the whole world of SEO webmasters and state that ‘issued patent are just an idea which may or may not be the part of Google’s search algorithm at that time’.

When Matt was asked

“What’s the latest SEO misconception that you would like to put a rest?” Matt raised the topic of Google Patents. He clearly stated that patents are just a basic idea or the methodology behind the high quality ranking results. He confirmed; it is not necessary that issued Patents would be a part of Google search algorithm at that moment.

He took the example of the patent that ‘Google get noticed if you change the structure of your website after an update’

If you too think it’s true then you are WRONG! Matt said ‘the webmaster can’t rest by assuming that Google will automatically monitor the changes and will give the impressive results’.


So with this latest News announced an important factor that

“If a patent comes out from the Google’s Side It doesn’t mean that Google will be using it at that particular time”.

So rather than sticking or blindly tracking the issued patents by Google employees; DO stick to the basic White hat SEO strategies.

Christiana McGee

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