Gmail Undo Send is Finally Rolled Out: Find Out How To Use It!

The Google official has decleard the release of Undo feature in Gmail. This means that now the Gamil users can stop the delivery of email to their senders. It is an answer to many users, who are searching for the solution to cease the delivery of the unwanted email that they send. It will put an end to all your regretts and even save you from the embarrassement that you may face after sending the irrelevant email to the concerned person.

Gmail’s Undo Option Is Now Available

On Google Apps Updates, the official has stated that they have added a new feature “Undo” in the Google mail, Gmail. After keeping this feature in Gmail’s experiemental Lab’s setting for some time now, they have recently made it available as a general option for all the Gmail users.

With the help of Undo feature, you can unsend the message or stop the final delivery of the mail to concerned users. There are circumstances, when we just send the mail to the irrelevant person or irrellevent mail to the concerned person by mistake. This further creates embarrassing situtation or leads to jeorpardizing career and relationship as well. Thus, Google has come up with a Undo option that empowers the users to mend their mistake easily.

Guidelines To Activate “Undo” Feature

Now there is a general question that crosses everyone’s mind, “How to activate Undo Feature”. In order to add this option to the account, it is required to follow the below given steps:

  1. Log on to your Gamil Account
  2. On the Menu, Go To Setting Pane (just below profile photo)
  3. Check “Enable Undo Send” and Set Send Cancellation period (That is given along with checkbox)

Undo Send

Here, the “Send Cancellation Period” is the duration during which you can Undo the email sending process. Remember that after that set time frame, the mail will be automatically delivered to the person. It means, you have to make correction or stop the delivering (if any) during that duration.


From now on, while sending the email through Gmail, you have a chance to rectify the mail content or change recipient id easily within particular time frame by using Undo feature. For more information about this option, you can go to Google Apps Update BlogSpot. Hope that this will really help you. Next time, we will come up with new ideas, concept and informative articles. Stay tuned with us.

Gmail Undo Update Is Finally Enabled For Everyone


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