Generational Marketing: How to Target Different Age Groups?

The primary goal of any marketer is the volume of the audience reached by his/her content. Every internet marketer aims at creating materials specially tailored towards the interests, goals, or mentality of their client.

Generational marketing at this moment is a Messiah to that problem. It’s otherwise known as audience segmentation mainly determined by age together with other factors like similar interests, goals, priorities, etc. with an ultimate goal of comprehending the emotions of each group. G-marketing also cites the mutual interest of all groups.

What does help an online marketer create cutting edge marketing ideas by narrowing down each content to a particular group of listeners or readers. From the recent research, there are six living generations in the United States:

Generational Marketing: How to Target Different Age Groups?

GI Generation

Are those born between 1901 and 1926. They are considered aged with little or no knowledge of computers let alone the internet or social media. Their response to online marketing might be somewhat apathetic with no chances of persuasion.

Mature/ Silents

They refer to those that were born somewhere between 1927 and 1945. Members of this category might noticeably understand what social media is all about, which in turn allows room for persuasion and possible interest in online marketing. However, the chance of consistency is slim.

Baby Boomers

Are those that fall within the years of 1946-1964. On a range of 1-10, it’s safe to say that their propensity to respond to online marketing is between 5 and 6. That signals that we are past the stage of contemplation or the need for persuasion. That does the online marketer lots of good.

Generation X

Generation X are those who delight in change. They are the most liberal of all groups. It is because of being responsible for championing the jet age. They delight in the advancement of technology and pleasure in passing it to the upcoming generation.

Generation Y/ Millennial age:

Are those born right in the era of technology. They adapt to modernized technology rapidly. They are fast thinkers, creative and possess adept problem-solving skills.
The Millenials are considered to value more satisfaction than financial security.
This generation is a key target for the Generational Marketing as they are the most receptive to online purchases. They prefer to stay informed and are eager to read the latest news, reviews, check the information and only after it make a final decision.

Generation Z

Is the youngest of the rest of the millennial ages, they are indeed the future of technology advancement. By 2020 Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers. This generation cares about hoe you can help them rather than what you can sell. They are also the most promising in response to internet marketing as they are open to all channels such as social media, videos, chats.

The latest infographic by HandMadeWritings presents you with a comprehensive and elaborative stats, attributing each generational group with detailed profile. Marketers could use that to make cutting edge solutions to reach the specific audience. Boost your online media presence with this helpful guide!


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