Fundamental Aspects For Freelance Designers To Keep On-Going Work in Their Field

Working as a freelancer is a highly personalized choice for any web designer and lots of designers and developers specifically picked this as their career because this allows them to work independently and offers them full freedom. But, becoming a freelance designer is not so easy as people generally think; it requires excellent artistic and presentation skills to survive and succeed in the world of freelancing.

Since the competition in the market is getting more tough than ever, there is a need to make aware oneself and  to be able to manage one’s career, promote work, respond to client requirements as well as cope with the legal and financial complexities that the contemporary designer usually faces these days. It is the time when, there is a need to beat the competitors and creating a recognized face rather than surviving in the industry.

Unlike becoming a doctor or engineer, being a web designer is quite different and challenging task. The profession of web designing can be carried on in two manner, one by working with a team, and the other one is working solely as a freelance designer. Hard times has been arrived in the market and thus working as a freelance designer is becoming risky due to the difficulties in finding projects in a regular manner. One of the major challenges which the freelance designers face in the way of their career is the constant need to find new projects on time. In order to earn a living as a freelancer, it is quite necessary to get sufficient project and work enough to fulfill the requirements of the clients.

We are dedicating this post explaining the fundamental aspects for freelance designer which can keep them with on-going work in their field. We are providing here several effective ways to work towards a more consistent income without having need for relying on new projects. Instead of devoting the time in designing a website for a client, freelance designers can continue to work with their clients if they are able to offer on-going services to their clients. This can reduce their dependence on new projects and new clients and hence will lessen their worry of getting new project to some extent.This post entirely aims to look at some ways to retain more of the clients for on-going services. So, let’s have a look over those fundamental key in which the success of the freelance designers is lying within:

Provide high level of customer service

Generally, it comes in focus that the clients remain unhappy with the freelance designers because their works lacks in quality. This should be avoided because once your image degrade in the eyes of clients , they will not offer you any more projects further. Try to provide high level of customer service so that they enjoy working and communicating with you because it is this wherein you have a much better chance of securing on-going work. If freelance designer would focus on providing a high level of customer service, it will grab attention of more and more clients and approach them to establish an on-going relationship with them.

Prioritize On-Going Work

One of the most fundamental aspect which should be given more emphasis is to prioritize on going work. Generally, it is seen that freelance designers primarily focus on finding new clients and working on several projects without paying attention on what they could offer on an on-going basis. It is the blunder which is often committed by the freelance designers. It is suggested to devote some time in  fine tuning with the services that the designers can offer. Also they should consider developing a package that they could offer to clients to help them going forward; for examples: some designers accomplish this charging a set amount per month for a certain number of hours of work each month while many others charge on hourly basis.

A freelance designers can offer variety of services to their clients as listed below:

  • Design services for things like newsletters 
  • Landing page design
  • CMS upgrades and maintenance
  • Help with updating content
  • Plugin installation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO monitoring

The experts and professionals of the concerned field  says that if freelance designers would dedicate their time to develop their services in the areas listed above and present these in front of clients in an effective way showing values to them, they might succeed in retaining more of those clients beyond the initial website design work.

Offer a Variety of Services

The another prior things to retain clients for on-going work is by offering them varieties of services. Generally, many small or big enterprises don’t have anyone in-house who can handle the types of services as discussed above, hence they hire freelancers in order to get a number of different services from them. This saves their time, efforts as well as prove to be cost effective. Thus it is suggested that a freelance designers must have knowledge of the above fields like monitoring their server’s up time, managing their Facebook or Twitter page, providing analytics reports to track their campaigns, etc because teh clients will not hire freelancers just for tweaking to their website’s design; they expect more than that from the freelance designers.

Focus on Results

It is obvious fact that if clients are paying charges for the services you are offering, they will expect perfection in your work, so it is quite necessary for you being a freelance designer to focus on the results. It is advisable that freelance designers should focus on things that will have a direct impact on their ability to get more out of their website and increase the bottom line for their clients. If their result oriented services would be able to directly improve the business of the clients, they will happily agree to work with them.

Provide Solutions

“To provide diverse range of solutions” is the key aspect for working with clients on an on-going basis. The time when you make an agreement with clients to work on an on-going basis, the clients expects from you that you are going to do a lot of different things in order to assist them. For example, if you have designed a great-looking website for your client but it is not capable to bring a huge targeted traffic of visitors, it should be your responsibility to provide a solution that includes search engine optimization services or setup and promote a Facebook fan page so that the site have bulk of traffic. You should well communicate your proposed solutions to the client, convince their value to them, and if you succeed in this, it will help you in getting another on-going client.

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