Free Top 10 Website of Google+ URL Shortening tool

Literally Long URLs are difficult to spell, harder to verbalize in confabulation as well as impossible to remember in some context. In recent there are majority of free URL shortening service available on the web and hence through this post I am presenting Free Top 10 Website of Google+ URL Shortening tool. The reasons behind shortening the URL become significant when Internet Service Providers generate an aesthetically faltering address.

In order to represent the command structures, data hierarchies, session information or transaction paths many web developers tends to bestow descriptive attributes in URL of mainstream sites which often results in a large number of characters and become bother to reproduce. It can be reproduce only by copy and paste. However, typing of such URLs containing large no. of characters might be result in errors as well as consume more time.

Moreover, one of the most worthy feature of URL shortening is the accumulation in short messages. As, just like on Twitter and instant messaging services, the length of the message is limited, therefore, it enables you to include this in very easy and convenient manner.

Google+ stands far ahead amongst the bunch of several distinct social networking widgets in account of impressive and innovative features, which include like linking to Gmail, maps, calendar and documents etc. results in proliferating the no. of users and fans. Basically, Google+ account URL contains an unique ID of 21 digits attached to it. This become very rock like to share this long URL with your followers through social networking widgets, blogs etc. as such long URL is quite difficult to remember as well as spell it correctly. Therefore, the URL shortening is so significant.

However, go through these designated Free Top 10 Website of Google+ URL Shortening tool which allow you to transform such lengthy and bothering URL even with your desired name and has been listed here just only for you.

Dir Plus


This is a directory available for Google+ users where you can create your desired simple and attractive URL for G+ account.


GL Plus


GL Plus is used to create a short URL for your Google+ profile in just three most easy steps.


g Plus Nick

g-plus-Nick is a captivating tool of Google+ URL shortening gadget which is capable to create your desired personalized Google+ profile URL in so convenient way like


G Plus To

G-Plus-to is used to shorten the Google+ profile URL which contains a large no. of characters into a simple and easy to remember link.

GP User

GP-User offers its users to convert their long Google plus profile URL into short link in very easy and convenient way.

on GPlus

onGPL.US is URL shortening service that offer desired short and user friendly URL for Google+ account.


Plus is a very effective web-based service which enables you to create your desired short URL using at least 3 characters to maximum upto 25 characters without including any special characters or numbers.


Plus-Ya converts your hassling long Google+ account URL in a short and pretty one.

Tiny GPlus

Tiny GPlus is a free online URL shortening service capable to modify your long Google+ account URL in short.

To Plus is an effective web based tool which allows you to transform your lengthy Google+ URL in a short and memorable one.

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