Free Effective Tools to Promote and Get Traffic for Your Blog

Blogging is potential to offer an alluring experience to those who are fond of writing and expressing themselves in front of others. However, achieving profits in account of writing blogs is not so easy as we think, especially if you are just initiate to put a step forward in blogging career. Moreover, rather than writing accordant contents for your blog, driving traffic to your website is essential too, which is also not so convenient and easy to achieve.

Hence, towards this endeavor need of building online history and consistent traffic will be required which take time and persistence. In bottom line ‘No Traffic, No Money’.

Therefore, in order to increase traffic to your website as well as blog, you have to opt for regular and consistent web promotion activities in account of including blog appearance, social media promotions, SEO and email marketing.

In order to gain profit with writing blogs every bloggers especially those who have just opened their eyes in blogging career become worry and one question always strike in their mind “How do I promote my blog free and what are the free ways?” Now no matter to worry. To answer these questions I have designated Free Effective Tools to Promote and Get Traffic for Your Blog below for free blog promotions methods and ways. So, let’s them check it out and opt to go with which best suits your need and requirements.


Alexa is a renowned website which offers efficient features including search analytics, free traffic metrics, demographics and many more. It enables you to check similar blogs, visit their incoming links and attempt to get links for your blogs also.


Blog Engage is a blog and article directory where you can sign up for free and can achieve some links to your blog and blog traffic to your blog posts. Submit here your best blog post and ask your friends to vote for them as a result, it pushes to the top the list in account of number of vote.


Google Blogs allows you to search for blogs, blog posts, topics or keywords. It shows the top stories and related blogs what they are writing about?


Adding your URL to Google is a most significant way to get more traffic to your blog.


Hotscripts is very useful if the topic of your blog is computer programming. It is capable to lists your programming scripts in any programming language such as .net, php, asp etc.


Blogoola is an efficient and worthy place to promote your blog as well as achieve your blog traffic absolutely free. It is featured with blog surfing system where you can exchange your views of blogs as well as get people interacting and looking your blog with increase in your blog traffic.


Delicious is one amongst the great social bookmarking site which allows you to upload your favorites as well as share with others. It is must for those who wants free promotion, as here signup is free but you need a yahoo e-mail address.


Digg is a great site to share your blog posts as well as other blog posts.


In recent, everyone is acquainted of Facebook so, there is need to explain this. This is a best platform to promote your blog and to achieve the traffic. Just get a Facebook page for your blog and ask your friends to like it, hence a link will be posted and all their friends and friends of their friends and so on can see.


Pinoyexchange has around 402,938 users, 51,457,768 posts, and 6759 online users. what to say further in context of promoting your blog.


Twiends is a most convenient and easy way which enables yours followers to view your blog and hence help to drive traffic to your blog. It makes you ease to find Twitter followers of the same interest you are.


This Twitter is also efficient in order to get more traffic to your blog. Create a Twitter account for your blog and link it with your blog. It will send a message every time to your Twitter followers when you make a post on your blog.


Quarkbase is an easy and simple way to check out the website information. Just input your blog URL into Quarkbase and see people, similar sites, description, social comments, social popularity, traffic data and many more concerning blogs and websites.


Remind This lets you to have a button for your blog which send out an email reminder to your visitors. It could be worthy for those blog which releases content on time based or periodically.


Scribd is a great captivating website which is capable to convert as well as upload your blog post into PDF, Powerpoint and Word documents too.


Shareaholic is a very notorious and captivating tool which is earnest for sharing any blog post with several social networks widgets simultaneously. It is useful to get short links as well as shows the number of click.


One of the great way to drive traffic to your blog is answering questions on Yahoo Answers. Just answer the questions of people which is relevant and covered by your blog post including your blog link.


Zemanta is a browser plugin which transforms your boring text blogs in social blog post comprising  content links, images, news links, audio and related links. It also lets you to add free photo with drag and drop tool and creates links with other useful things concerned with blog post automatically.

List of free blog promotion directories

The higher the page rank in Google is better. Google determined every web page how earnest that page is over the internet through Google PR (Page Rank).












List of free blog promotion forums

In blog forum answering questions with links back to your blog literally inclined more people towards your blog. So, ensure to include your blog’s link in your signature.






List of high PR blogs to add comments

Commenting on other blogs with high Page Ranking and do follow with links to your blog that surely drag more people to your blog.






List of free do follow social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are earnest to store, manage and organize bookmarks of resources online. You can add bookmarks to your blog posts and tags as well as make friends in the areas of your blog niche.






List of free blog and article promotion sites

You can submit your article and blog posts to these websites in order to share with all social networking widgets to achieve exposure and drive traffic to your blog post.






List of free blog ping services


List of free blog search engines




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