FAQs Utility Tips to Generate a Suitable FAQs List

FAQ, aka Frequently Asked Questions are admired and trendy way of availing answers to the users for their various queries. Frequently asked questions commonly comes in form of few programmed question followed by their answers questions invented through regular context relating several topics. List of FAQs is important section for every website availing product and services as it deals with the various issues related to the product or service of the site. FAQs can be seen as help list for the users that helps to speed up their task without any support response system.

We all understand how important FAQ page can be for the users who have least amount of knowledge of the product and services. In that matter, listing best Questions and Answers is very essential to help the user correctly. There are very less number of websites today that comes fortunate to help the users with helpful and useful FAQs. Many of the times, websites fail to convey the suitable answers to the user’s queries leaving the sole purpose of FAQ unanswered.

Now, the most important point to stress upon is answering the most featured queries in FAQs. For this purpose, we need to ponder upon some basic tips to generate usable FAQs lists. Below we are providing you few points to generate FAQs utility tips for your website. All of these tips are vitally helpful for the user of your website.

Usable FAQs tips


Trouble-Free List

Generally, we don’t prefer to read long listed information with detailed and jumbled paragraphs especially when we want to read about the helpful FAQs. It is very frustrating to searching over long detailed written matter to search for the exact answer. Therefore, it is important to list the questions and answers with simplified and straightforward meaning. One should create the FAQs in a way that the user can find out the answers to his queries instantly.
In order to simplifying your FAQs, one can divide them into different categories. By doing we can provide the different topic of the queries in a defined manner and the user can exact answers to various queries. It is important to create FAQ is a readable form rather than a lengthy theoretical format.

Generate FAQs from the User

You may really do not know the various queries of the users mind but it is important to provide a list FAQ to help and find more prospect users for your website. For this purpose, one should generate the queries from the users itself. To generate the helpful FAQ you can send messages to your mailing list, use blogging as a medium, use social media sites and ask personally to your friends.
One needs to be upfront for asking the various pertaining queries in one’s mind regarding the website. This is the best way try it.

FAQs Should be Real

A list of FAQ which is not real does not make any sense to help the users of the website. To create a useful FAQ list it is essential to mention the real asked question in your list. Detailed fake question that do not help anyone can be fictitious. Use your various networks to generate your FAQs through your various resources but say no to fake useless questions.

Organize Sensibly

A FAQ list is needed to be listed in a manner that it should give organized information to the user. It is important to note that what kind of question you are mentioning in your FAQs related to various categories of your website. If you are having various topics such as account info, technical support, content management, consumer actions, and many others then it is important for you to categorize your FAQ questions in an organized manner. The basic motive to organize the FAQ list is to provide to the point solution to the consumers regarding various issues to deal with the website.
Apart from categorizing of the FAQ list, it is also important to present the various categories in a defined way. Provide a sidebar or a dropdown so that one can find from the various categories. By doing this, you will help the user to find out the answer required for a particular query.

Give importance to User’s Questions

The motive of FAQ is to provide complete knowledge to the user regarding the raised issue by assuring him/her that the question was relevant. It is simply not acceptable to ignore the user’s queries due to any reason. Every asked question should find place in FAQ list. You should mention some of the obvious questions to serve every user with the answers. The purpose of the FAQ is to make it usable for every user. By satisfying your customers, you can easily create good public relations.

Ease of Accessing FAQs

It is completely out of point to provide FAQ that a user cannot utilize properly. Insertion of FAQ font icon is important to be listed properly at a visible location. One should place the FAQs with the main navigation menus of your website. Place the FAQ button at an easy to locate position which is prominently visible to the user. By providing the FAQ button at a easy to locate place one can help a user to use your site in a better way.

User’s Help/ Support and Solution in place of FAQ

FAQ is common term used by every website for user’s help guide. You can use some other term as well like Support & Solutions or User Help Guide in place of old usual name FAQ. By doing this you will be able to elaborate the meaning of the category with a new defined name to it. A new and different name will help the user to relate with a support solution system through the website where they will get answered for their all questions


FAQ is the first medium to step in to a site and understand it better. Different people have different perspective for FAQs list, as some categorize them as a mere list of question and some find them informative to deal with various issues while operating a website availing various products or services. Actually, FAQ is a medium of knowledge transfer between the user and website owner that helps the target user to find different attractive aspects for him/her to operate, use, and utilize a site.

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