Fetch RSS Feed of Facebook Profile to integrate on Website/Blog

Facebook has become the world’s best social networking site. About 1 billion users have their IDs at Facebook. This is reason that Facebook has become the encyclopedia depicting profile or organization concerned contents. Now to be effectively updated about profile, RSS Feed can be used. Here this blog presents the step-by-step instructions to be followed to create RSS Feed for Facebook profile.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, which is used to instantly provide updates regarding status, news, blogs and product description. RSS Feed is developed to support any of the platform or social media network such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft network , Facebook and many more. This lightweight Feed can easily be piggybacked on the digital network without using heavy bits of space. Create RSS Feed of Facebook Profile and embed this on anywhere you want.

Steps to Create RSS Feed for Facebook Profile

Get the ID of the profile

At first, get the ID of the profile for which there is a need to get feeds. Every object such as images, status report or professional information that is linked to the profile has Id. So that it will easy for Facebook tool to organize or access every bit of information regarding profile very easily. The ID is mentioned at the end every URL which is embedded in the object. Suppose the URL for the image is https://www.facebook.com/people/abcd/5257701. In this URL, copy the digit given at the end. This combination of digits is called ID.

Opting the format for Feed

There are two RSS Feed formats: first is Atom1.0 and second is RSS2.0. The former one is the advanced version of the later one. RSS 2.0 only used plain text or Html text .This does not support XML oriented text. The awesome feature of Atom1.0 is pop up message on the browser if the browser is set to display message then every update will be seen. That is why Atom1.0 is the feed focused format.

Integrate Id and format with Feed URL

After deciding, the format and copying the ID then mention this in the URL http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format&id for example the id was 5257701 and format are Atom1.0 then write this http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format=atom10&id=5257701 if format is RSS2.0 then in place of atom10 write rss20. Now you have found the  Rss Feed on Facebook Profile.


I hope that above-mentioned instructions give the broad ideas about accessing the RSS Feed for Facebook profile but please do remember that follow all these in a sequential manner. Any skip in the instruction will lead to confusion and may get in trouble. In the next post, I will come up with some new techniques.


Jennifer Adam

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