Excellent Promotional Tips to Boost up the Business with Small Marketing Budgets

Are you thinking of starting a business but don’t have that bulk amount of balance to invest in your business. Are you not in a condition to invest a six-figure marketing budget like the other big boys in the industry. No problem, you need not to worry; you can still go bombastic. We have come up with some excellent promotional tips which when followed by you help you to boost up your business even with small marketing budgets.

Actually marketing is a field which needs more skill rather than money. Strengthening of business or promoting it requires being of more practical mind full of constructive and productive ideas.

Thus we have bring with us several constructive ideas which you can implement today itself in order to grow your business regardless of fact that how large your business is and how much have you done investment in that. We hope, these tips will prove highly beneficial for you and will cost nothing other than little bit of your precious time. So, why to wait for? Let’s check out these tips and ideas one by one as discussed below:

IGet Active on Twitter

All of you know that a Social networking site like Twitter has played a very important role in the growth and promotion of business these days. Making your business a part of Twitter is both cost as well as time effective. It really takes just few minutes to be a part of the Twitter and build up a network of followers interested in your area of industry.

Start a Blog

Most of the experts advise that posting to a blog at least a couple of times a week is a way to keep in touch with customers. It is one of the best means to convey more about business and the market in which you generally operate to your potential clients.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another important tricks that contribute a lot to the conversations on blogs by bloggers in the same forte in which you operate.

Forum Discussions

Forums constitute a unique place where business can be promoted in front of large number of people as here varieties of people come and discuss on any topics or issue. Thus it is advisable to search any effective forum, sign up there, and actively take part in discussing on a topic related to your business.

Register Your Business with Google Local

Google is an excellent platform where small businesses can promote their business. Google is offering a golden opportunity to the local businesses to register their business address and phone number in its local listings for some time. We all know well that Google is a known name with a large number of visitor’s traffic, hence when businesses will register their business address and phone number there; all the visitors visiting over there will come to know about that.

Register Your Products or Services with Google Merchant

Google Merchant is another helpful and free service from the search giant namely Google. Google Merchant can serve as a place for businesses to upload a data feed which includes products or services.

Make Your Business Cards Memorable

Business professionals advise that businesses should make an eye catching business card. The businesses should choose a design that stands out different in the crowd. In the link provided above, small businesses will get numerous creative business card ideas to get started thinking creatively. Such AS:

Consider Paid Search

Google AdWords is the largest sponsored search result program which is manageable with a small budget. It makes your business to grow at fast pace and attain the height.

Build a Basic Reward Scheme

It is considered as the best practice to offer an exclusive incentive or some basic reward scheme to the regular customers time to time at regular basis. It does well in the promotion of the business and helps the business to retain customers and win new ones.

Improve Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is one of the superb idea through which customers are noticed and become attentive towards your business. If customers will get better service support from your side, they will be tempted to be part of your business.

Article Marketing

Writing expert articles and submitting them to sites such as Ezinearticles.com can also boom your business. Here you will find a list of the top 50 article directories, ranked by Alexa which will guide you how to get started in writing!

Advertise on Someone Else

It is better to advertise your business to someone else. For this, check out guys like iwearyourshirt.com and get your company seen there.

Add your Business to a Review Site

Adding business to a review site such as Feedback Jar also plays a vital role in putting you in touch with customers.

Email Signature

E-mail signature can also be used as one of the excellent means to promote oneself and the business.

Social Networks

These days, nothing can be imagined without taking help of the social network; business is also not exception of that. It is suggestible to join any social networking site and start networking.

Free Classifieds

Using free classified ad services play a major role in promoting your product or service. It is advisable to give free ads specific to your geographical area, maybe even some free inclusions in local print media. Actually, when people visiting your site will get some additional information them they will be prompted to be a part of your business.

Write a Press Release

Writing your own press release and submitting it to the appropriate channels can do well in promoting your business. What you’re doing is particularly newsworthy and hence people should have knowledge of it; submitting your press release to the free services online or to the local media can serve this purpose well.


It is fact that every networking event serves as a mini-marketing campaign and bring lots of opportunities to you, thus it is advisable that use meetup.com to scan for opportunities near you.

Guest Post on Blogs

It is suggestible to use a service like MyGuestBlog to find blogs looking for guest articles, and expand your reach and audience by posting guest articles.

Offer a Guarantee

It is often seen that offering guarantee yields good results in sales. So, make an iron clad guarantee that is outlandish and must come in focus by customers.

Become an Expert on Q/A Sites

Question and Answer sites such as Yahoo, Wiki etc. involve number of masses as numerous people come there and put their questions. So, be an expert on Q/A sites as it can be helpful since you can answer questions related to what you do, become a trusted expert. These should get you going:

Go to a Trade Show

It is considered as the best practice to go to the trade show, talking to the people about your niche. Otherwise you will just never come to know who will need what you sell.

Create a Podcast

Creating a podcast is an effective way to promote business to the masses. Also creating a Podcast is not a tough task; it is easy, fun, and free to produce. Thus let’s start it if not started yet.

SEO Your Website

Implementing effective SEO technique can make your site to attain a higher rank which in turn makes your potential clients to easily find you on web. In the link provided here you will find 9 valuable tips to get started how to optimize your site with search engine.

Know you USP

It is important to know your USP, i.e. unique selling proposition in order to promote your business and transforming it from small scale to large scale. You need to discover the reason why people should purchase your products.

Place Google Ads for Influential People You Want to Meet

It is an effective way to promote business by placing Google ads for influential people you want to meet. This is because when the intended ad will be seen by the concerned individual, he/she will try to make contact with you.

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