Essential Tools To Help You Manage Your App’S Reputation

Managing the reputation of your app online is a huge part of app marketing. What people say about your app has to be monitored and responded to carefully. Knowing very well that what the public says about you and your brand is a big sign of the health of your companies.

Clients easily give positive and negative remarks of apps on social media. So, keeping regular communications with your app’s audience is very necessary for mobile app developers as it is an essential factor when it comes to managing the reputation of your mobile app development company.

It is pretty easy to observe what the public says about your app from your Facebook page, but it’s not easy to learn what is being said about your app in other places on the internet at this time. You miss opportunities and even risk the reputation of your app when you miss out on these conversations. For example, your app is being defamed, and you don’t take immediate action can leave you with serious repercussions.

Then as an app development company monitoring what individuals are saying about your product is enough to direct your choices with respect to your app’s improvement and your marketing messages.

Luckily for mobile app developers, there are tools that can help you investigate public opinion and react directly and on time to your community.

These four tools will help you manage your online reputation and save time:

Social Mention

Social Mention

This is a free analysis platform that aggregates all information about your app, with this, mobile app developers can easily measure and track mentions in social media from time to time. Searching for mentions within videos, blogs, microblogs, questions and images. The results are comprehensive and are broken down according to the source and user, it determines how positive or negative a conversation is, and its reach generally.



Everything people say about your app is tracked on this platform. Brandseye collects, tracks and analyzes brand mentions on the net, in print, and on social media. Then, all brand mentions are described by some characteristics and arranged according to their relevance. Whenever your brand is mentioned online, you receive email notifications; this could help app development and reputation.



Online reviews, news, forums, blogs, and social networks are monitored by the Rankur tool. Apart from app’s name, this tool also tracks the CEO’s name, names of people directly linked to the company, and the name of your brand. Rankur measures the quantity and quality of conversations, and the demographic profile of your audience is also analyzed. Thanks to the Rankur tool app development company as mobile app developers can discover trending topics and deal with online reputation.

Image Raider

Image Raider

Image Raider allows you to image search on blogs, websites, and social media. Image Raider scrapes Bing, Yandex, and Google to find websites. Image Raider locates all instances where people used your photo and talked about it; it also sends push notifications to keep you informed.

How to Handle Negative Feedback

  • Stay active
  • Never delete negative comments
  • Always respond quickly

How to Deal With Positive Feedback

  • Share positive feedback with your team
  • Say thank you
  • Ask what else you can do to contrary to app development

Bottom Line

From the above, it is good to say that following these tips will allow you the opportunity to monitor your App’s reputation online.

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