Effective SEO Guidelines for Single Page Websites

Single page websites are acceptable by a group of people while some don’t like it at all. It is still today a debatable issue that single page websites are not SEO friendly in nature. As you cannot insert more than one keyword phrase in a single page, they have received a lot of criticism in the past. Now, here are some tricks that can help you in optimizing single page websites to achieve higher ranks in search engines.

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Arrange Your CSS: Your CSS must be easy to scan and should have a direct impact on SEO. CSS ID names can be used as anchor links so that they do not negatively affect your SEO. Now, anchor links can be used on top side of your page which is accomplished with a navigation bar. Anchor links must have some targeted keywords which are very natural and also serve the context of your website.

Arrange Your CSS

Structure Your Page: You must arrange the structure of your page with paginated properties. It helps in spreading your domain authority by targeting multiple keywords. A single page website can be suitable for storytelling, specific business offering, and as landing pages. Adding more content pages or a blog with your website cannot be a good idea as it does not remain a single page anymore when you add the additional pages. You can separate all your content in an organized manner within a single page. You can go for a traditional site format when you are setting up a single page website for your business. You can categorize sections like home, contact us, products, blog, and more.

Multiple H1 Tags: Just take up few SEO classes to learn the usage of multiple H1 tags. You can easily include several tags in a single page. Though multiple H1 tags on a single page will indicate content separation, your page can become more SEO friendly and legible. It will also provide an opportunity for optimizing your keywords.

Multiple H1 Tags

Look for Authority: If you don’t possess powerful content that can easily go viral, link building will lose its importance in SEO strategies. You can go for social media sharing buttons so that the content of the website remains sharable in nature. You can try backlinks from guest blogs, influential interview videos, and positive reviews of your services.

Legibility: You should not avoid readability factors in your website. This is a very primary requirement for building a website. Your fonts must be legible and user-friendly. If your audience cannot read what you have said, your search engine ranking will definitely go down very fast. When you are offering quality content, it must be legible as well as relevant to your audience so that you can score high with your ranks. If you can successfully do all these, you can follow natural consequences with the organic traffic.

Keep It Fresh: Your content must be pretty fresh when you are using them in a single page website. You must update and refresh your content frequently. When you have enabled infinite scrolling, refreshed content is a priority requirement. You are required to hire a creative team that can change and update content very often. You can switch your older product reviews to the newer ones and the audience must be able to see the most current review without much difficulty.


These effective techniques will definitely help you in optimizing single page websites. You must be focused on a single purpose so that you can design and deliver in an exclusive manner. For easy indexing of your website, you are required to paginate your page and structure your CSS designs properly. Your website must be legible and clearly defined into sections.

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Mark Anderson is a well-known SEO analyst who conducts SEO classes for the beginners. In this article, he is providing some useful tips for optimizing a single page website.

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