Developing & Testing WordPress themes: Tips for Bugs Free Themes

WordPress, now become trending solution for publishing Blog site or Content Management System. Various extensions are available in delivering WordPress themes effectively. While publishing WordPress themes we notice a lot of hurdles such as themes are not working in same way as it were designed.

The reason is not only the extension was poor or the faulty system this can also be due to improper strategies in developing and testing for which most of the people are not aware. So Today Webgranth comes with some exciting tips and tricks for WordPress themes development and testing technique for keeping the error/ bugs away.

WordPress themes are interactive environment for WordPress site. Theme is the only component that make site attractive and effective so if themes do not work well then whole site will become useless. Besides developing the themes you should also have the idea about how to test the theme. Go through this post you will definitely find some working tips to avoid hurdle in deploying WordPress themes without bugs and fault.

Developing deployable theme require a lot strict vigilance from the starting phase of development as we know that the development life cycle of themes start from planning, designing, development, testing, delivering and then maintenance. Here we mention three phases of development before development phase, during development phase and after development.

Before Development Phase

Here before started developing the themes first we need to configure environment or platform more cautiously so that error can be minimized.

Configuring WordPress

It is known that some basic configuration we need to perform before developing WordPress theme but here we will show some more setting up to make testing and delivering task easy.

Customizing table prefixes

While installing database keep in mind that customize the table prefixes very carefully. Because this setting will not only simplify queries but also secure the database. It is known that by-default the name of table database is wp_ after this add some specific character or change this to different text it will work like giving authorization to table.

Switching off the trash

Disable the trash while developing the site. It will keep save the database memory. But remember after deployment enables the trash. Disabling trash is done through adding the following code in wp-config.php file

Disabling WordPress script concatenation

Disabling WordPress script concatenation help to visualize the scripting faster and very easily. This is done by adding following code in wp-config.php file

Enabling queries

Enabling queries will keep the query safe that are performed in variables. This is done with the help of following code in wp-config.php file.

Switching on debugging

In coding PHP never complain about the variable which are not used or not initialized which decrease the efficiency the final product to remove this enable the debugging information. This will inform about any unwanted variables in the coding. This can only be done by writing following code in wp-config.php file such as


Test the post by using “Theme Unit Test” This unit test comprises normal post means post without titles and content also post with images or without images. This testing plug-in help to figure out the fringe cases because this testing technique go through every elements of the themes

URL :-

Use single WordPress site

Try to avoid WordPress multisite use a single network .This will give the clear picture of the theme and make testing theme easier, faster and also guarantees that theme installation is working fine or not.

Development Phase

Here some useful information are mentioned that should be followed during development phase of WordPress theme

Defining module

While developing theme try to keep the set of coding in module. It will make coding management task easier. Although it is very difficult in some cases but there is a live example of WordPress Widget. So develop coding without ambiguity and in simpler way. Coding should be independent to other set of coding.

Avoiding laziness

While developing themes, developers sometimes put the project on-hold means some part of project later because of some reason or no. this kind of attitude really harmful because when developers re-start the project they can forget some specific feature that they want to add. To avoid developers should note down all the features at another place and modularize the project this will keep them aware about all the pending function they wanted to add.

Effective tools

There are many tools that speed up developing task and manageable too. Some of tools are mentioned below:

  • CodeKitCode kit is the developer oriented tools that is use to develop web site easier. It is written objective-c. This also uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine and Webkit’s JavaScript Core engine to enable some elements to work properly.
  • Regenerate ThumbnailRegenerate Thumbnails plug-in is the effective way to regenerate the lost image of proper size. Sometimes developers accidentally change the size of image or at that time circumstances demand that image and then later on realize that the previous one is still important at that time this plug-in will be very useful .Regenerate Thumbnail will generate the same image with same dimension.
  • Template HierarchyIn the WordPress theme development, templates are used to create the different pages. Different templates such as page and footer templates are used as the common template while some templates are used for specific page. Template Hierarchy helps to manage templates by so that developer cannot forget to implement specific page.
  • Post SnippetsPost snippet help to manage library of HTML and PHP post or reusable code or content that will be used many times in post. The short codes for the snippets can be written in PHP language. This snippet saves lot of time.
  • Web browser friendly toolIt is very helpful for developer having a good command over data object model, Jquery, JavaScript and other scripting language. It breezes to drop out problem at style sheet, responses in network and run time/ syntax error at scripting language.
  • Users switchingUsers switching Plug-in allow switching between different accounts of user to see whether they are watching same content that was presented to them. This another way of testing screen view of different user account.
  • Nitty-gritty of WordPressTry to gain a lot more knowledge about the WordPress from various articles such as some we do spend a lot of time of coding even though WordPress provide procedure. So give a lot time to understand what WordPress can offer and then start the coding. Reach out to blogs that contribute a lot of coding such as Github and many more are there.
  • LessLess is the dynamic style sheet language. This comes with lot of functions and modules that help in making the coding task easy and reliable.


Version control strategy

Version control strategy assists to roll back the task to previous version or older version so that we can recover the lost code. This strategy helps us to keep track of report on various reported error in the themes but make sure commit the version or freezes the version after removing the bugs completely. Version control can keep the back up of all the coding that we have done during theme development. You can through the below mentioned URL to understand this version control methodologies very well.

Subversion: –


After Development Phase

This can be final phase or second last phase for developing WordPress themes. This phase covers various testing techniques and tools to check the developed theme at last is working fine or not. If not then find the bugs and rectify it. Below are tools and tips that minimize the error if any in the WordPress theme.

Cloudy App and Fluffy App

Cloudy App and Fluffy App are the file sharing website that help you to view that how WordPress themes are working. It will give the instant idea about visibility and functionality of themes at live.

Cloud App URL: –

Fluffy App URL: –

Testing theme within the team

Different People have different skills and different concepts so they apply different logic in operating the themes there may be chance of discovering the latest bugs. It would be good to introduce theme among maximum people because this will help you to get clearer about themes problems.

Bugs tracking techniques

Bugs tracking techniques such as sifterapps light house and read mine can be used to find the error and help to fix them. These techniques can also be used to manage the workflow of themes.

Sifterapps URL: –
Lighthouse URL: –
Readmine URL: –

Making live presentation

Try to give time to create the video depicting presentation on WordPress themes. This will give a lot great instant picture about how theme is working and also make the viewing the theme more clearly and speedily.

Theme check

Theme check a WordPress plug-in that provide an easy way to check theme very effectively and make sure it is up to spec. all the result are displayed at once. This plug-in make sure that themes follow latest WordPress theme standard and practices.


Developing documentation

Creating documentation is very helpful in catching a mini error. It forces you to go through every aspect of themes and check it out whether this is working fine or not. Tool for document generator is also available that is Documenter here is the URL for the documenter

URL: –


Hope that these tips, tools and tricks have broaden the horizon for keeping the error at bay from WordPress themes and helpful in delivering effective Themes. Now don’t waste your time and invest these entire concepts in your theme development and enjoy bugs free and reliable WordPress theme. If you find any new technique or whatever the effective strategies you adopted during WordPress development please share with us through the comment section given below or with help guest page. It will grateful for you. Please be connected for our next post.

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