Desktop wallpaper contest: Come and Join

Wallpaper Contest Webgranth: In our last post, we presented you an assortment of desktop wallpapers to cultivate an inspiration out of every soul. This time we are up-to do something unique that collaborate the different ideas of designers from all over the world in form of desktop wallpaper collection.

Every month, we provide desktop wallpapers for your use and admiration specially designed by web designers at our end but this time the tale will be different. This time we are inviting all of you to come and participate in the monthly desktop wallpaper contest at Webgranth. It is our pleasure to receive and share the artworks designed by you. We heartily welcome you to join us with your desktop wallpapers.

In the end of this month, we will be providing a list of wallpapers with good rating desktop wallpapers. Therefore, if you are having great ideas for developing great desktop wallpapers then you are completely free to send all your design pieces and share artwork ideas with the entire community of web designing.

Grounds of participation

For participation one need to follow the below guidelines:

 The design pieces created by you should be in the following resolutions – (800×500, 1024×640, 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1080)

Note: As many as possible, minimum 4 different resolution wallpaper are allowed.

 Download the file contest form from the link provided.

 Please design the wallpaper in two versions, one with calendar of the month of October and another without calendar.(so that it can be utilized for longer without having any specific calendar)

 You are free to choose any kind of theme providing the calendar in English only.

 Make sure to put Webgranth logo on the wallpaper, you are welcome to insert your own logo as well.

 Please provide the name to the file in the below provided format. [filename_shortcut_of_the_theme]-[calendar/nocal]-[resolution].[jpg/png].

Example: If the title of wallpaper is “black forest”, then you should use filename shortcutblack_forest,and for the name of mention October-11-black_forest-calendar-1920×1080 with calendar and October-11-black_forest-nocal-1920×1080 (without calendar).

 Collect your wallpapers and the form in a text file and zip them. Send them to us through e-mail at least before two days of the month end. Send all your emails at with the subject (desktop wallpaper).

 All of the featured wallpapers at Webgranth will be free for download with an attached link to the artist’s profile or website.

We really respect the creation of every designer but please note that only good wallpapers are going to publish on our website as we are going to analyze every art piece provided by people in form of desktop wallpaper to select the best one. So, design the desktop wallpapers by pouring on your best creativity. One is free to explore his/her creativity to design an influential piece. You are extremely welcome to design bold, crazy, personal, stunning, and unusual desktop wallpapers supported by any theme.

Come-On We Are Waiting!




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