Cyber Attack Led another High Profile Company’s Site Adidas to Shut Down

November 3, 2011 has arrived as the black day for the Adidas Group, as that day has brought some tragic story with itself. Adidas, a renowned German sportswear and equipment maker had to suddenly shut down its official site as it has come under the "sophisticated and criminal" cyber attack.

The patience and the measures taken by this giant company are really appreciable. As soon as it has traced of the cyber attack, it immediately shut down its sites displaying message that “Due to technical difficulties our website is currently not available”. This is really a threatening fact that if the site of the high profile company like Adidas, who are having a strong security, can be hacked in this manner then what will happen to the other small scale sites.

The cyber attack targeted on the Adidas’s site first of all came into focus on Thursday; and it should be noted that not only Adidas home site were the victim of this attack but also many renowned sites like,, and several online shops were all affected. When the attack was traced, the Australian site,, was displaying a “technical difficulty” message on Monday morning and redirecting online shoppers to the company’s e-commerce sites in Canada, UK, US and Germany among others. Also some Adidas Web sites remain offline that day. There is no more information provided by the company about the attacker who was behind this attack and the company in spite of going into the details has put in place additional security measures to avoid such a problems in the coming future.

Although in its preliminary investigation, there was no evidence found regarding the damage to the consumer’s data, even then the company has continued a forensic review of the case in order to protect visitors visiting over the site. A number of additional data security measures have been taken to prevent such type of sophisticated cyber attack in the coming future. Changes are being made to enhance the visiting experience of high standards consumers and to strengthen the privacy and security of consumers’ personal data. The company is continuously working to restore the site as soon as possible and planning for a grand back up once again. It is expected that the way the site will be launched once again will be the latest and greatest developments in the internet history till now.

Williams Heilmann

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