Cross-platform IDE for HTML/PHP/JavaScript/CSS Development-Free by CodeLobster

It takes a lot of brainstorming to decide the best IDE when you start development using PHP. There are a number of companies that sell IDE at ($100-$500). But, for your surprise, you can avail this portable multifunctional IDE for free with all required features.

  • JavaScript/CSS/PHP/HTML highlighting
  • A robust PHP debugger
  • Advanced JavaScript/CSS/PHP/HTML autocomplete
  • Code validator
  • Dynamic and context help, etc.

CodeLobster IDE eases and streamlines the entire PHP development phase. You do not require remembering arguments, tags, functions and attributes. The autocomplete feature carries out all this. For help, you can press F1 or special help control button.

PHP Debugger (free placed internally) enables you to do code validation locally. It detects the existing server settings automatically and configures related files to allow using the debugger.

A tour to the PHP IDE Features-

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP code collapsing
  • HTML autocomplete feature
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP code highlighting

Inspector turns it easy to search HTML elements as well as their styles located deeper in the page.

  • CSS autocomplete
  • HTML toolbar

Autocomplete of attributes, tags for closing and current tags

  • CSS/HTML code inspector

Advanced autocomplete for PHP

This feature accelerates code writing. Autocomplete incorporates a good selection of the code completion lists. Lists are created of both users’ classes and standard PHP, constants, variables, and keywords.

PHP Debugger

It is defined as a tools package, which enables the developer to debug apps at the time of development process. Before you run it, this requires configuring. In preference menu, you need to set essential values for virtual folder, host URL, server.

The portal support enables the developer to use editor that too without demanding preliminary installation.

SQL manager permits conducting all required actions with the database such as editing, adding or deleting a record or structure in tables, executing SQL query.

Other useful attributes include, tooltips, blocks selection possibility, pair marking, browser preview, bookmarks, etc are there for easing development.

Special Plugins to Work With

  • PHP frameworks- Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, YII, Symfony
  • CMS- Joomla, Drupal
  • JavaScript Libraries- NodeJS, jQuery, AngularJS
  • WordPress- Blogging engine
  • Twig & Smarty template engines

What 1.3.0 Release Announced On 3 Oct 2018 Offers

New version of CodeLobster comes with fresh features:

  • Live view possible with Chrome browser
  • Better PHP autocomplete
  • Better PHP validator
  • New colors scheme- Netbeans and Eclipse
  • New set of icons
  • Laravel plugin-supports 5.x version now
  • Angular plugin-supports 6.x version now
  • Fixed bugs- EOL chars on molding encoding, cursor position on the Mac operating system, typing of special characters, SETP/FTP problems.

Developed by: CodeLobster Software


Languages Portuguese, Russian, English, French, Spanish, German,

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8


Thus, you can build full-featured webpages on PHP using this cross-platform tool. It will speed up and simplify the development process to the maximum extent. It is incorporated with all the standard features for code operating and several other advanced abilities for web development. Right from its inception, it has come with certain modifications with its newer and better versions.


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