Creative Tips for Video Game Designers

The video game industry is incredibly saturated and to be a successful designer it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Being creative can be easier said than done; however, as the amount of similar games on the market is staggering.

If you want to be the best game designer possible then it’s essential to play as many games as possible. Play everything from adventure games to bingo games, like the ones on bingo sites as reviewed by These will all give you new ideas, and you might even come up with a fusion of your favorite games.Going with your gut feeling is a must for most industries and this is especially true of the gaming industry. Before going through with huge changes to the creative or sinking all of your eggs into one balance make sure you’re happy with the idea. If you have reservations about a change then there’s usually a reason why, so go with your first instincts.

The largest and best games take the longest time to make, so designers must stay motivated during the process. Games can take years to make, especially if they incorporate a lot of time-consuming features or graphics. Keeping the creativity flowing during this time is important too, so do entertaining exercises to stay refreshed. Brainstorming can bring out the best ideas, even if they can be on the bizarre side.

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When watching a movie we are often passive viewers, instead of actively taking in the techniques used. Start to assess what makes scenes successful and what contributes to the feeling the director is attempting to portray. Everything from colour and lighting to dialogue should be examined, as these will make your game’s scenes more natural.

Story driven games are often the most popular and this should act as a script for the game. There are plenty of movies that have the right actors and director but the script doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny. The emotional scenes of the game need to be on point and balance the player on a knife edge, which is a hard skill to learn.

story driven

In the games industry, there are many mavericks who want to break the rules of the sector. This is an excellent technique when used by experts who know which rules can be broken, but this can be disastrous for those who are just starting out.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with your ideas. Starting out with a few ideas before finessing them down into one can offer great new ideas. Although you may feel discouraged when these ideas don’t come to fruition you must be tenacious enough to start from scratch or remove elements that don’t work.


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