How to Create Effective Content Marketing Visuals

It is quite obvious to notice the fact that content marketing trends changed in the past years. Humans are naturally more respondent to images and we have to take advantage of this instinct. In the past people said “content is king”. Nowadays it looks like “pictures are worth thousands of words."

There are different brands that use Pinterest and Instagram in order to get in touch with potential customers while using a highly visual context. There are various alternatives available and we will now talk about 5 interesting and effective strategies that you can use for content marketing.

1. Enhancing Public Relations With Multimedia

Press releases that just have text in them are quickly disappearing. Journalists and bloggers respond better to the use of visual media. That is because they comprehend the fact that readers will spend more time on pages in the event that it features videos and images. The use of visual content marketing has been proven to basically bring in more customers.

Multimedia will make a huge difference in the way in which a reader will engage with the release. PR Newswire highlighted the fact that the page views on a site can go higher by 14 to 20 percent when the visual optimization was done. Just put in a video with the announcement or include files like audio clips, word documents or PDFs. This can even increase view numbers by 77%.

PR Newswire also highlighted that shares are boosted when multimedia is incorporated. The business that will not use just a simple logo and will put in really engaging visuals will have a much better impact while the reach will be higher.

2. Using Infographics

There are many different visual elements that are popular at the moment but the infographic has to be taken into account. It currently has a huge increase in popularity and various different subjects have already been used. The business can put in an entire white paper into a really colored and attractive picture. The content marketing agencies will tell you that this can easily bring in new customers.

We have to understand that not every single infographic is great. The really good one will be highly attractive but it will have content that is completely relevant to the audience. The content has to be consistent from the brand’s point of view and distinctive from the viewer’s point of view. Never stop at the agency blog or the corporate site when promoting infographics. You do not even have to stick only to social media. There are various online services that will get the trick done.

3. Creating A Really Good Brand Atmosphere

In the past we had photos that were associated with brands or products composed by a professional in a photo studio. It was then approved and distributed. The consumer generated media now has businesses let go of some of the control and brands are highlighted above with the contribution of the consumers. This is a trend that can be used in the favor of the business. The marketers can also capture brand and product images that are natural. The difference is that the professional can still help out to make things better.

The best thing that you can do is to look at the way in which Red Bull handles web presence on Instagram and Pinterest. You will notice a common thread that basically moves everything beyond composition and content. The marketers that work there are definitely really good when referring to creating effective content marketing visuals.

Before you will associate your brand with an image, you have to think about the overall atmosphere and the photograph style. Is all compatible with the other images that are used? The brand’s style guide is highly important in social media.

4. How About A Retro Feel?

Facebook is in part responsible for this trend as the brands can use it with ease. Timeline allowed the firms to have a visual origins history listed on the page. This would include all from important milestones to new services, locations, retro ads and so on.

It is possible to do more and not just use Facebook Timeline. As a simple example, LEGO offered a very interesting computer generated animated short movie that showed the toys’ origins. The movie was 17 minutes long and it basically takes the viewer through the entire history of LEGO. On YouTube the clip gained over 4 million views. Sony also did something about this as it created a unique typographic mural displayed at the firm’s headquarters.

The consumer is curious. Why not take advantage of the fact that he/she wants to see the love story? Make the brand affinity stronger by highlighting where things started and how they are today.

5. Using Corporate Candids

There are many brands out there that discovered the fact that the circulation of some content is great when it is exclusive. The ads that were not used in a campaign or images from behind the scenes will make things entertaining and interesting. The brand’s social website will become more attractive to share.

There are various firms that include candid images in campaigns but only some will go that extra mile and offer a deep insight. The Sony strategy with the online mural offered a peek that was rare into the corporate world.

Does the ad agency sponsor a specific charity run? In this case you can post video highlights right on the YouTube channel or on the corporate blog. Was the office recently decorated? In this case a montage that highlights before and after pictures can definitely make your Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook pages more appealing.

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