Create Successful Website: Know the Right Combination

When it comes to running your very own website, it goes without saying that you must ensure that you encourage only the best practices to make sure that your website is an online success.

It does not matter what your website is about; it could speak about a particular product, brand or a company or it could simply be a personal account in the form of a blog. In either case, there are 3 very basic yet important components that decide the fate of any good website. To ensure that your website falls under this category, you must specifically pay attention to the web development, web hosting and the SEO aspect of your website. Given below are some benefits provided by these individual elements, which when combined, can take your website to the next level.

Web Development

It is a known fact that you cannot have a website without efficient web development. It is one of the fundamentals of a successful website. Often, people use the terms web design and web development synonymously. This is where they go wrong. Web design essentially looks after the aesthetic aspect whereas web development is everything that is required to develop a good website excluding the aesthetics and designs. Therefore, web development lays maximum emphasis on using various coding and markup languages like PHP, HTML, CSS and the likes.

There is no limitation to the types of websites that can be developed using these coding languages. You can create a single page website to an e-commerce website that encourages buying and selling along with social networking sites that are now particularly used as a free platform for marketing products and services. Apart from the basic task of building a website from scratch, web development has several other functions. These include configuring network security and web server security along with client liaison. Besides, it also focuses on developing scripts for both the clients and the servers.

One of the best aspects of the field of web development is the simple fact that there is a plethora of resources available online to learn and train yourself in web development and therefore, you need not have to pay through your nose to be a successful web developer. With the advent of technology and the corresponding increase in tools, web developers are coming up with novel ways to develop a website, the most recent one being a responsive website. The plethora of open source CMSs like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and the likes only prove the massive growth of web development.

Web Hosting

You may have developed a website that has the perfect mix of HTML and CSS. Your website may look after all types of security issues by protecting it against XSS attacks and SQL injections. However, a perfect website needs a perfect web hosting service provider to ensure that your website does not face loading issues when it goes live. It is important that you choose the right hosting package and service to get maximum benefits. To put it simply, web hosting is a small space on the web that will be used by your website to be available over the Internet. The best part about having your website hosted online is the fact that it is accessible to the entire globe and therefore, your chances at growing your business increase tenfold.

Besides, it helps you focus on your target market and direct all your activities towards attracting their attention so that your customer list increases. If you host a business website, you can partner with Google AdSense to display ads on your website. This is an effortless way to earn an extra income. This is not just true for a business owner but a blogger can also benefit from web hosting. A good web hosting service will help take your e-commerce website notches higher as your products and services will reach a global audience. It goes without saying that web hosting and domain name go hand-in-hand as it provides you with added benefits of having your very own email account, DNS address and immense flexibility.


The last but most important component for a successful website is the right use of SEO. The right use of SEO can direct a host of traffic to your website, thus increasing the conversion chances. With the use of free tools like Webmaster and Google Analytics you can keep constant tabs on your website’s performance and take remedial measures if the need arises. You may not realize it but using SEO to the best of its ability can eliminate the need to spend copious amounts of money on advertising as Google lists your website on its search engine results page organically. Using SEO in combination with other social media platforms helps build trust and credibility in the minds of your customers.

Therefore, the use of web development, web hosting and SEO is the winning combination to a successful website.

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