Copyright Laws for Graphic Designer: Aware Essence of Legal Arts

Copyright is the exclusive right endorsed by the government to the author for original works such as expression, book, digital content, article, movie and songs. This exclusive right state that only the creator or original author has the authority to use original content, reproduce the content or distribute the content, until he/she grants permission to other person. In today world, beautiful artwork has developed the fortune and fame for the author, it is necessary to protect the original work, so other than the original creator cannot use that art for vested interest. Today’s blog presents the benefits of copyright law for the graphic designer.

In the digital era of the web-designing everyone wants to own such a design to attract lots of traffic towards site. For this some designer does very hard work to demonstrate excellent artwork, but some steal the expressions, this result to the setback for the real artist. To make the content established in the eyes of the law, copyright can be used. Here are some points discussed to aware you about how the Copyright laws are helpful to establish the genuine works.

Let’s perceive benefits of Copyright Law

copyright law for graphics designer

Explore the Items that cannot be Copyrighted by Designers

Name, Title, Slogan, measurement chart, calendar, symbols, and variation of colors cannot be listed under the copyright rules. These items may only be trademarked. The trademark is kind of patent established on the name, slogan or design to mark unique symbol to the manufacturer or the business or the service provider. Copyright is only for the expression not for the subject. Suppose there is manual for the Nokia phone that is copyrighted, it means that nobody can use the content in manual, but anybody can create the manual of their own for same device.

Know the basic of Registering Copyright

Copyright registration is very beneficial in terms to sue the organization or a person that does statutory damages. A little Copyright’s impression on the content identify that it should not be copied if it happens, then the real author can sue entity that infringes.

Understand Infringements

An infringement is the way when someone uses the significant part of the design presented by the designer without real author’s permission. The significant part is that element, which marks the uniqueness to the design.

Sue the Copyright Breaker

Suppose you didn’t apply for the copyright then in this case you need to have all the documents entailing the records of all the attributes of works such as dates, publishes and witnesses. After claiming the real work, you need to show the difference between the version of your content and version of control. At this time, the copyright registration is very important because copier have the chance to prove that he/she has never accessed your content.

Seek the compensation for damages

When you proved that content is your property, then you can seek the compensation and can file for injunction to cease further distribution or duplicating content by third party.

Apply for creative commons to share your works

Creative commons is the organization that provides various licensing options to share your ideas with the audience or the organizations so that they can use that in their own work on your own choice. There are six types of license available that are employed to suit every need of your at different circumstances. Creative Commons is very flexible so that you can change the licensing terms very easily.

Valid-duration for the Copyright Protection

Every country has different copyright law, but generally it last until 50 years after person’s death. And in the United States, it lasts for 70 years after death.

Enjoy the Copyright protection of Outside countries

The general laws of copyright are same in almost all the countries, except the deadlines, the duration and court processing method. Secondly, you will grant same escorting copyright from the countries that have signed the Berne convention.

Have a Share of business for the content

If you’re working for the client or the business, then you can apply for the share right of the design or content that you have developed, so that in the future you can claim it for the reference. However, that designs cannot be created for other clients, but through copyright you can prove it is your creation.


Hope that you have well-understood the nitty-gritty of copyright law for graphic designer. If someone takes idea or design without real author’s consent, then they are stealing lot more than that such as time, money and labor. It is the right of author to protect the hardly implemented ideas and content. For that he/she should use Copyright concept because this will secure design from being damaged or get handed to the wrong person.

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