Cool Tools for Bloggers: Exploring Posterous

A lot of people have never heard of Posterous before. If you're a blogger who wants to make it and doesn't want to spend all of your time making tiny changes that most people will hardly notice, Posterous will allow you to do this and then some.

There are some many details that are below the intellectual purview of the blogger, but you still have to make sure they’re handled. Posterous takes the effort out of this requirement of the online world.


Pictures are an essential part of the online world. Of course, dealing with pics tends to involve a lot of guesswork and detail management. Unless you like having to manually resize every pic you want to post somewhere, Posterous can do a lot to save you time. When you can use pics everywhere without ever having to resize them, you’ve got more time to create awesome content for your blog instead of messing with the pics you use to illustrate that content.

Keeping Your Profiles Updated

Posterous deals with individual online profiles known as Spaces. When you customize a Space, you can update a piece of information and have it filter through to the rest of your Spaces automatically. This can save you more time than you might be tempted to imagine. No longer do you have to go from profile to profile endlessly changing the same bit of information.

Guarding Against Prying Eyes

The Net is a breeding ground for all kinds of stalking. When someone who shouldn’t see a part of your Space loads it, Posterous makes sure that their status will influence how much they can see. Your family will see one part of your Spaces, your friends will see another part, and your employer will see as little as possible of anything. The art of selective sharing is one that most people can’t handle, but Posterous is great at keeping everything together.

Being a blogger means you have a lot to handle. When you can use software to do some of that handling for you, you’d be foolish not to. With Posterous, you can limit who sees what you post, control several different online domains and make pics easier than ever to manage. So stop worrying about every little detail of your online presence, and allow Posterous to take care of the trifling details for you. Isn’t your time that important to you?

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