Landing Page Error: Landing Page Mistakes That Impact Conversions

Landing pages that contain one or more landing page mistakes never produce desired results. so it is very important that every web developer and designer must skip these landing page mistakes so as to magnetize and glue visitors on the website. In this post of mine; I am providing the list of most common Landing page mistakes that impact the conversion rate of a website.

Whether your goal is to build an e-mail list, generate leads for your business, get people to sign up for your service, buy something or take some other action, it is important to have a web design expert to optimize and design each one of your landing pages. A web design expert can help you improve results by providing web templates and designing landing pages that do not contain any of the following common landing page mistakes.

Improper Use of Pop Ups That Prompt Visitors to Provide Information

One of the most common mistakes found on landing pages are pop-ups that appear instantly once a visitor arrives. When used properly, pop-ups can help Internet marketers, business owners and professionals, but when used improperly pop-ups can lead to devastating results. If you want to use a pop-up that engages visitors, then you have to make sure that you use the right type of pop-up. In addition, you have to make sure the pop-up is not too intrusive and gives visitors the time they need to visit your site.

The Content on a Landing Page Does Not Match The Description or Link

Another common mistake to avoid when designing a landing page is to fill the page with content that does not match the description and link that visitors use to access the page. When creating a landing page, it is important that the content that appears on the landing page match the link and description visitors use when deciding whether to visit a website. This is a top common landing page mistake found online. Landing pages that do not offer what visitors are looking for are considered deceptive and have a higher abandonment rate.

Improper Use of Calls to Action

When it comes to getting visitors to take action, it is always important to use calls to action. Effective landing pages always have more than one call of action that directs visitors to take action. Landing pages that do not have more than one call to action are ineffective when it comes to getting visitors to buy something, request information or submit their information.

Not Using Social Media Toolbars

One of the most common landing page mistakes found online these days are landing pages that do not have an embedded social networking toolbar that visitors can use. By providing your visitors with a social media toolbar that they can use to let others know about your landing page, you will be on your way to attracting more visitors to your landing page each day.

Whether you sell products, have a service to offer or you are interested in building an extensive e-mail list, you should take the time to consult with a web design expert that offers templates and who can help optimize your landing page. By taking the time to avoid all of these common landing page mistakes, you will be on your way to meeting both your short and long-term goals.

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