Collection of Websites Using Big Oversized Background Images

Oversized Background Images: The use of a photograph has a significant impact to its viewers. Images are an effective medium of communicating and it is now being widely used as a background of a website.

It is very difficult to opt the appropriate image that exactly complies the type of web pages. This seems to be a bold step for webmasters and website designers to choose images as a background for a website but the result is quite impressive. Here are the collections of websites that use oversized background images that are worth admiring.



The website communicates well about the products that they sell through the large image in the background of fighting men who are in the action and well protected from the armory suits that the site aims to sell to their customers.

Ana Safroncik

ana safroncik

This is the official website of Ana Safroncik who is a movie theater actress. It beautifully displays a large image of her facing the mirror with a stylish and elegant black and white effect.

Art of Kinetik

art of kinetik

The website is all about yachts and the bold image of a man riding a yacht in the background perfectly suit their brand. The bold image is elegant and provides an enticing effect to go sporty while riding a yacht.

Blind Barber

Blind Barber

This is a website for a barbershop that displays a large image of a barber cutting a customer’s hair.

Michael Korstick

Michael korstick

This is an official website of Michael Korstick that showcases his image in the background.

Brandon Knaster Jewelry

brandon knaster

This is a site that sells the Brandon Knaster jewelry collection. It highlights a slideshow display of the different jewelries that you can find on the site.

Weight Shift

Weight shift

This is a website developer for the digital product providers that use a collage of images to display on the main page of a website.



This is a website by entrepreneurs composed of diverse members coming from different industries that include designers, actors, dentists, photographers, lawyers and many more. The website shows a large image on how the team works in collaboration with one another.



The website is selling jewelry and shows an elegant image of a woman enjoying the indulgence and luxury of using Viventy jewelry.

Nike Better World

Nike Better World

This is a website of Nike featuring a large sport theme image that covers the entire background of the website.

Image the Music

Image the music

This is a website for the artists that show a unique image of the work of art in the background. It gives an impressive effect on the site.



The website displays a unique webpage that allows you to scroll to view large images of their retail products in the background.

Planet Propaganda

Planet propaganda

A large background image is displayed on the site that is quite attention grabbing.

Ben Thomson

Ben thomson

A collection of Ben Thomson photographic works sits right on the entire website. It displays his artworks on the site with each of his photography getting its own highlight as the website background.

Cat Rabbit

Cat rabbit

This is a website of a textile artist that comes with a twist. It uses a large image on the background of the website that takes the entire space of the site.



A full sized image covers the entire background of this website that promotes various hair products. Minimalist in style as it only uses very short text with thumbnails of pictures below to display the images of their products.

Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses

This is the website of the famous band Guns N Roses that use large background image of the world tour of the artists and their concert schedules.



This is a simplistic website that mainly displays a large image in the background with a short banner text to communicate what the site could do for you.

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